The NIAA may have a tough battle regarding the State title game site. In the North, Elko vs McQueen will be the biggest game of the year. If Elko wins this game in October, you can put them down for the North #1 seed. This would mean a 2nd road trip for the Lancers to cold and rough Elko in November prior to Thanksgiving.

The dilemma facing the NIAA is if Elko wins, they will demand the State 4 A title game to be played at their home field. The NIAA wants to play the State Final game in Nevada's home field – Mackey Stadium. This will be a problem with Elko, as they do not want to give up the large home field advantage and have to travel to Reno for the State Final. The trip could cost Elko fans and takes the game to a neutral site that does not benefit them. Watch the Elko vs McQueen regular season game closely to see where the South might be headed for the State title game. Elko or McQueen are sound enough teams to beat the Sunrise #2, plus they get the game up North.

· Western football, where are you going? It was not that long ago that I was watching Eric Fields and the Warriors dominate McQueen at the Silver Bowl to take the 4 A State Football title. Rich Stevens saw his team decline the past two seasons. But, they were still good enough to beat Cimarron the last season the Spartans won the State title. This year's team is awful. The tackling can not be any worse and they are void of offense. The demise should not have been this fast.

· Cimarron can not wait to play in conference. They have taken losses to two out of State teams already and Las Vegas. The lone win against Basic looks to be standard based on the Wolves poor performance this year. What can be gained for the Spartans is the ability to face tough competition and balance their offense with the passing game. The hope is to get the entire team behind new Head Coach Maki and to have it ready for the wars against Centennial, Cheyenne and Palo Verde. Not many teams would take on two out of State teams, the Spartans are doing it to look forward towards October.

· Coach Roger Whalen has awoken a sleeping giant in Rancho. All fans have thought that the Rams have had the talent to be players in the football race, but have not had solid coaching to lead them. Different story this season. The win over Gorman was impressive, as the Rams came out more focused than the Gaels in the opening minutes. Whalen has his troops believing that they can win any game. It is a nice change to see the Rams have something to believe in this year.

· I can not say it enough –Durango is huge up front. The Blazers could have a blind running back gain 100 yards behind this line. When you have 3 players on a line that are legit D 1 players, Durango has the ability to smash rushing yardage totals this year. We have seen beef up front lead teams to win the State title before, note Cimarron and McQueen. The Blazers have the ability to go where no Blazer football team has gone before – to a State 4 A Football title game.

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