NIAA 4 A Poll Week 5

The number 1 team in the South, Desert Pines loses convincingly to Durango last week and they drop. The Blazers and on the rise with the big win. Also moving up are the Palo Verde Panthers and Chaparral Cowboys. Big game of the week involves a battle for the top spot in the SE portion of the Sunrise – Chaparral vs Foothill.

1. McQueen – defending State Champs have not been tested so far. The tragic incident around JJ Myatt rallies the team, with hopes that he can play during hoops this year. He appears out for the remainder of the football season. 4-0

2. Elko – just waiting around for the big game vs McQueen in October. They have yet to be tested this season. 4-0

3. Palo Verde – tough game last week rallying from way back 25-7 last week vs Rancho showed great poise in the clutch. Look for more wins to come prior to division play. 4-0

4. Durango – their line is the biggest in the State right now and could be the difference. Look out for them again this week against Gorman. 4-0

5. Las Vegas – they blow out another opponent last week. Do not let the record fool you, as they held the lead at half against La Costa, CA. Antoine White is the real deal, need work on pass defense. 3-1

6. Chaparral – Owens is the surprise back of the year so far. Big test finally as they go into division play against Foothill this week. 4-0

7. Foothill – after the loss at Centennial, the Falcons were dominating against Cheyenne. Ford should be the difference against Chap this week. 3-1.

8. Desert Pines – two tough weeks for Darrell Byrd as he has been shaky at QB. Another tough game this week in division against Rancho. 3-1

9. Hug – the class of the Sierra at the moment. Have not played a tough schedule and they await Reno for the top spot in division. 4-0

10. Reno – the Huskies have shown early on that they might actually be more than a basketball school. 4-0

Others getting votes – Centennial, Cimarron, Rancho, Gorman, Valley, Galena, Valley and Clark.

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