Some one make an EXTRA POINT PLEASE!!!

We talk about who is teaching our kids how to act in school. They come home and cant use the correct diction or can not figure out math problems with out a calculator. What about the kid who comes home and week after week faces his parents and says - I can not make an extra point! So what is being taught? Not much from the stats last week with over 25+ missed PATs! Here are the picks.

Basic at Liberty- We now know this - Silverado has NO OFFENSE! I dont get it and I dont understand how when you have 3 D1 players that someone can not line up at QB to make a play - defense was not the issue - offense was! So Basic and Liberty beat the Hawks due to this. I just like the style points of Basic and look for them to win tonite 27-7

Coronado at Silverado- Now we are hearing about more defections out of the Coronado Football program! Talk about taking your ball and going home when things dont go right for you! Silverado has too much pride not to beat a team that is just looking for an excuse to quit or get someone fired again - Sil 21 Coro 6

Del Sol at Foothill--Del Sol too much offensive line - which controls the clock and keeps the ball away from their opponents. Foothill what has happened to you? Jones has now been gone for a couple years and the team is still playing in the shadows. Del SOl 26 Footh 13

Chaparral at Rancho--Rancho has regresssed to the point that I think that we may have to reposses their new stadium. Chap here 25 - 12

Desert Pines at Eldorado- Ugly game here - what happened to these programs? Eldo wins 12-6

Valley at Las Vegas--Las Vegas is starting to give the rock to REGGIE. Just feed the kid and he will produce. Valley has athletes with a nice QB, but I dont see one of these 50 yard Michael Vick runs tonite against the Cats and their chia pet grass field. LV 27 Valley 6

Gorman at Clark- Gorman is going to ask the question and Clark will respond "Thank You Sir Can I Have Another"! Gorman takes out the paddle and smacks around a declining Clark team 56-12

Pahrump at Durango--Pahrump has a real chance for a breakthrough win tonite. So much for changing around the Blazer program from last years debacle! I look at this game as the "Z" game where they can say "we are building for the future" before they lose the remainder of their games this season. DHS20 Pahr12

Sierra Vista at Spring Valley--Spring Valley continues to get better. Calling Mr Sharp for Sierra Vista - where are you? Witness protection? Running fast combine times also needs some great games to go along with it. Spring 32 SV 26

Western at Bonanza--ANother game where you just dont know who to trust. I will go with better athletes at Western 20 12

Centennial at Cheyenne--Centennial has been better than expected. But, they need a real HUMP GAME win and this is not the spot. Cheyenne pours it on 50-20

Mojave at Shadow Ridge- Shadow Ridge cant figure them out. Mojo looked so good last year and I thought that they were turning it around. SH wins 20-19

Legacy at Arbor View- The NEW kids on the block have the two new schools challenging for playoff spots. AV disappointed me last week. Legacy keeps on rolling. Give me the Horns - 26-20

Palo Verde at Cimarron--Palo Verde will provide no mercy in a game that I am sure the OLD BOYS who knew CM football "BACK WHEN WE WERE STATE CHAMPS" will be crowing about all of the mistakes. Sorry Rost knows his rival games - this one he does not miss. Palo 46 - CM 6

Canyon Springs at Green Valley- I look at Canyon and say - I thought that the talent was still there and then they go out and lay eggs on games that were wins easy. GV has the best kicker in the South since either Jaekel brother - of course both needed to WALK ON and should have gotten rides. Libinani is a competitor - I expect high scoring with the school that makes extra points winning this one. GV 28 CS25

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