Bone Game Actually Means Something This Year?

Coronado can produce a kid who can start at LSU and a WR who is setting records at Southern Utah. Yet - they can not get more than 40 kids out to play Varsity football? This school has got to have some real issues that require some time on the George G Psych couch! What excuses are we going to hear from Centennial or Shadow this year? Not enough talent? Legacy and Arbor show you how to do it.

Basic v Foothill - Basic showed some real moxie last week coming up only 7 points short of Vegas. I think that Foothill is still a shadow team that will wake up in this game realizing that they dont have any business on the field with the Wolves. BHS 35 Foothill 14

Coronado vs Liberty - I want to take the Del Sol game from last week and throw it out. Where does that leave me, with a team that does not know if they want to play or not. Liberty has a pulse coming off their shocking win over Silverado. Liberty 7 CHS 0

Del Sol v Green Valley - Look the Gators can not kick from everywhere. I expect Del Sol to dominate the line of scrimmage. The Gators might get a couple chances to catch the breeze of an airplane taking off tonite to get a couple long ones on the board. Del Sol 34 GV 20

Palo Verde v Arbor View - Credit the Aggies for stepping up their game this year. However, I dont see them ready for prime time. Palo had their scare against CM. PV romps 42 AV 13

Cimarron v Centennial - CM has improved with all of the junk talked about them on the board. Centennial is a program that continues to go backwards. CM 27 Cent 6

Legacy v Mojave - The Longhorns have really grown up this year. We know that they can not handle a team with talent and speed. Mojave has speed but without the talent. Legacy 34 Mojo 12

Cheyenne vs Shadow Ridge - Come on now, Preston Davis had a monster game last week for Idaho doubt that any of the Stangs even noticed that if they put some effort out there good things could happen. Chey town romps 50 SR 12

Clark v Bonanza - Clark of this year is not last year's suprise team - the Bungles are. Maybe the Helmets are a distraction? Bonanza gets the W in this rival game which could salt away a playoff bid for the Bungles. BHS 32 Clark 19

Spring Valley v Pahrump - The Trojans can not wait until hoops season - I think? Pahrump should be playing Calvary Chapel and Agassi Prep instead of 4 A South teams this year. SV 54 Pahrump 0

Gorman v Western - What happened to all of that talent at Western last year? Talk about Coronado kids leaving, Western kids bailed a long time ago. Gorman will drill this team 54-7

Sierra Vista v Durango - The Blazers are bad and are thankful for Pahrump being on their schedule. Here is a game for Sharp to get his numbers 42 - 12

Valley v Canyon - The Valley QB does it all - even when he fumbles at the goal line. He will have plenty of chances tonite with a Pioneer team that has quit on the season. Valley 35 Canyon Springs 6

Eldorado v Chap - I dont trust either team. They have let us down on our picks this season. I am going with Chap in a coin flip 20-12

Las Vegas v Rancho - Rickky Cheese will be talking about this game tonite - the only one in town to do so. Faircloth looks for anything to motivate his kids. Keep the bone at Vegas. LV 42 Rancho 12

Faith Lutheran v Desert Oasis - The kids from the Smooth Jazz High School do not stand a chance at a school that is ready to make the jump to 4 A next year. Faith 40 DO 0

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