Information on Colege Bowl Games

This year NSN Sports is happy to provide the largest lineup of college football bowl games in our 6 year history. We will be airing the New Orleans, Motor City, Mobile, Silicon Valley, Liberty, Humanitarian, Gator and Music City Bowl Games. Any problems call NSN Sports directly. All games will be aired in Las Vegas on 1340 KRLV their trouble number is 702-891-0441.

The following information is the tech requirements to receive the bowl games from NSN Sports.


New Orleans and Bowl Games

ABC starguide 3 Talk One L/R  the left channel will be used Bowl - 12/29 - 2:30 PM PST - Kansas State vs Syracuse

New Orleans Bowl - 12/18 - 5 PM PST - North Texas vs Colorado State


Mobile and Motor City - we can give you this information directly via fax


Silicon Valley, Humanitarian, Music City, Gator, Liberty will all be sent down via:

Music City Bowl - Georgia vs Boston College - 2 PM PST - AMC8/TP23, ABC NY, SRVS 15 L/R - left channel

Humanitarian - AMC8 TP 23 ABCNY SRVS 09 L/R -right channel

Silicon - AMC8 TP23 Provider ABCNY   Service: SRVS 15 L/R right channel

Liberty Bowl - AMCS TP23  ABCNY   Service SRVS 15 L/R Left channel

Gator - AMC8 TP23 ABCNY  SRVS 15 L/R Right channel

212-456-5000 trouble number with coupler numbers to come. format is faxed to you.

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