ALL State Basketball Team and Poll

Bishop Gorman won every game they played against Nevada opponents until the title game last year vs Western. So far, Gorman has beaten everyone in their path including Cheyenne. Green Valley was explioted by the Cheyenne quickness in their matchup this week. Las Vegas is still looking for a game against the Big Boys after getting back their football players from the State Champs. Reno, Galena and Elko have been up and down already this year. Here is the preview pre season.

Pre Season All State Team and Poll

Just as we are wrapping up another Football Season, along comes Basketball with plenty of fire power in the South once again in the Boys ranks. The South will see 3 teams head from the Sunrise and Sunset this year to Reno, with the North getting 2 slots.

Here is the pre season Top 10 poll:

  1. Green Valley – too big for most teams to handle. Mitch Platt will need to step it up this year. Still seeking consistent outside scoring and a solid point guard this year. Foothill transfer, Harvey Perry, will get to play guard some for the Gators.
  2. Cheyenne – Larry Johnson has waited for another solid team to match the Demetrious Hunter led Shields a few years ago. With Wheeler and the Richardson brothers he might have it. Not real big, but the most gifted bunch of players with quickness in the State.
  3. Bishop Gorman – CJ Watson was clearly the MVP of last year's team. It took him fouling out in the State Title game last year to see what a difference maker he was. Mark Hill will need to step up his game in the pivot along with Brandan Knott.
  4. Elko – Big front line with quickness as a question mark, Cavender twins and Aleman will be the difference makers for this squad. Big game against Gorman in January will show us a lot.
  5. Las Vegas – Will be hurt early playing with out Copeland at the point. Jeremy Atwater had a coming out party last year. Queen, Thomas and Berkey need to play better this year for the Wildcats to improve.
  6. Galena – One of the best coached teams in the State will rely upon Joe Heaton for points and look to David Robinson to run the offense. Need some size inside to compete night after night.
  7. Durango – Martel Johnson finally gets to his Senior year. He will need double digits nightly in points and boards to make up for the size up front of the Blazers. Frank Brown needs to be a scorer this year.
  8. Desert Pines – Nick Porter had a great year last season banging up front. Their quick play surprised teams last year. Not this year as no one will be looking past them.
  9. Reno – David Padgett, all 6'10 of him, stands tall above the rest in the middle. He has his Dad back on the sidelines giving him plenty of chances to shine. Need someone to step up from the outside to give him a chance nightly.
  10. Western – The defending champs still have something left in the cupboard with Taj Matthews outside and Grease at the point. They know what it takes to win and will be a surprise this season once again.

Others getting votes: McQueen, Silverado, Valley, Palo Verde, Clark, Foothill and Eldorado.

Pre Season All State Team

G – CJ Watson – Bishop Gorman – Signed with Tennessee, can play the point or off guard. His defense shined last year playing the top of the 2-3 zone. He controls the tempo of the Gaels offense.

G – Joe Heaton – Galena – Set up shooter at 6'3 can nail the triple consistently. Needs to work on foot speed to keep up with smaller players.

C – David Padgett – Reno – 6'10 Junior will be improved this year with better coaching. Will not have the support cast of last year, but will still dominate.

F – Martrel Johnson – Durango – 6'3 Man Child has the best low block moves of anyone in the State. Can drive to the nail and is solid on the glass. Signed with Montana State, could have been a D1 college TE if he wanted to this past season.

F – Jeremy Atwater – Las Vegas – 6'4 and still growing as a Junior. Impressive poise last year in State games. Can be an inside/outside player playing the 3 and 4 positions.

Coach – Pete Padgett – Reno – He was the difference in why the Huskies did not do better last year with a Senior laden class. His skills will get this team far this season while rebuilding.

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