Recruting Story in Nevada - High School Football

The 2001 High School Football Season had some great players. Too bad that the majority of the stars in Southern Nevada will be headed to Junior College and not D1 programs. In what the majority of Coaches around Las Vegas have called "The worst year ever for grades". The other side of the story is how no star athlete is not being recruited by the University of Nevada. They have been the stars of recruiting in the State. Credit Oregon State for landing another top Nevada player in Kellen Marshal

This was supposed to be a solid year for Southern Nevada Football Recruiting. But, it has fallen on it's face with little action from Colleges willing to offer scholarships to local kids. There is one main reason why


In talking to Coaches around the Valley, the comments are that this is the worst year we have seen regarding kids not being able to make the minimum requirements to attend a D1 college. With so few scholarships in college football to begin with, no school is willing to offer a ride to a kid who will have to sit out a year due to grades. They risk that the kid may not being able to even make grades even if he sits out a year.

Here are the kids that are headed to a D1 school next year: Below each school are kids that are going to a Junior College next year. This is mainly due to grades.

Darrell Henderson – Cheyenne – Southern Utah

Kevin Richardson – Cheyenne – was recruited by Washington, Oregon State, Arizona State – now headed to a JC.

Keith Richardson – Cheyenne – Colorado State, UNLV, Arizona – now headed to a JC

Joe Wiley –Cheyenne – JC

Nick Brown - Cheyenne – JC

Lionell Vallian – Cheyenne – CC of Canyons

Ryan Worthen – Palo Verde - Southern Utah

Don Graham – Palo Verde - JC

Luke Doty – Boise State, Utah State and Southern Utah – will attend one year of school prior to going on his mission.

Tony Bachhubber- Durango – Minot State

Fred Coleman – Durango – JC

Cory McCants – Durango – Air Force

Antoine White – Las Vegas – could have went anywhere, looks like Dixie JC

Jamar Barnes - Desert Pines – JC

Stevie Dyson – Desert Pines – JC

John Ford – Foothill – still saying he will go to UNLV if he makes grades. Washington and Oregon still in the mix.

Paul Lethbridge – Foothill – JC

Mike Jones – Foothill – JC

DJ Porter – Rancho – Southern Utah

Willie Green – Rancho – Southern Utah

CJ Dickey- Rancho – JC

Dejuan Ashley – Silverado – JC

Jacque Williams – clark – Idaho State

Travis Stewart – Clark – Idaho State

Kinson Jean Francios – Clark – UNLV, UNR, ASU, OSU – still needs a test score

Jeff Rowe- McQueen – UNR

Kyle Eklund- Elko – UNR

Greg Alexander – Hug – UNR

JJ Milan – Wooster – UNR

Garrett McIntyre – South Tahoe – SDSU, Fresno State, Boise St,

Luke Penrose – Galena- Navy or Southern Utah

Antoine Barlow – Hug – Idaho State

Kellen Marshall – Cimarron - Oregon State over UNLV and UNR

Many of the players headed to a junior college did not get the required core class grades of a 2.5 or better, do not have a solid test score or do not have the straight grades to be in a D1 program. You can play with an overall GPA of 2.0 for a CCSD school. This means that a player can get A's in PE and another elective and struggle through core classes in Math, English, History, Science and Foreign Language and still be eligible.

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