Graham Trying To Round Out His Top 10

Keenan Graham of Silverado went from being a Mid Major Recruit to being one of the Top Defensive Recruits in the Country. "It is kind of like being a Rock Star" he told me in a lengthy conversation today. Under pressure from various writers to produce a Top 10 school list has created some confusion for Graham. He just got an offer from Tennessee this weekend. Here is what we talked today.

In March several Mid Majors had heard of Silverado DL Keenan Graham. Now after great combines in Southern California, the star is trying to make sense of how to put together a list of his top schools. Frankly, this has been an overnight situation for a humble player who wants to make the best decision for his future. He wants to be an Engineering Major and wants to get his degree. He understands how important his decision is and today we talked about this process in length.

"I am finding out that since one school is willing to offer me a scholarship that competing schools are coming in an offering me as well. Some have hardly talked to me." said Graham.

We talked about Michigan and his trip to Ann Arbor - "I walked away impressed with their facilities. I also recognize that they are offering alot of athletes. So I am not sure what to think." Said Graham.

UCLA - "Coach Rick Neuheisel personally showed me around the campus. I met everyone on his staff. I was meeting so many people I could not remember all of them. He told me that I would be a DL, but would also like to look at me as a LB. I really appreciated his care of taking care of me and that is what I am looking for - a Coach that wants to take care of me as a person." Said Graham.

Virginia Tech - "I have been in constant contact with their position Coach and they have a great school for my major. I could sense the family environment that they have there." Said Graham.

Graham's Father lives in Michigan, while his Mother is in Las Vegas. He has lived in many different places. Including Maryland. So when I asked him about the Terps "yes they have offered me".

When we started to talk about USC, he felt unsure about their real interest in him. "Coach Holt has come out several times which I appreciated. So did Texas, but I think that they have got all of their recruits. I would just like to see them be in contact with me more often" Said Graham.

Graham mentioned the following about other questions: Going to play for someone across the country - I am not afraid to go play for a school on the East Coast. I would really love to have interest from Miami, Florida, Clemson, Notre Dame. We just were asked for tapes by Ohio State and I know we sent some to Notre Dame recently as well.

In talking about many of the teams who got in early with him. Fresno State was really cool and to know that Ben Jacobs has done well is great. It is cool to hear about how their Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada players keep up with High School Sports in Nevada. I really liked Colorado and Wisconsin. I have been consistantly called by Colorado and they have been sending me letters with my picture on the Rocky Mountains. Minnesota sent me a jersey with my name on it. Wisconsin was really active and they have fallen off recently. I appreciate the amount of time they have spent with me and I would not count them out. Washington has been sending stuff recently to me, however I am suprised by no one committing to them at this point. Oregon has got great facilities and I would love to see them for myself. ASU was on me early, I am just not sure if I want to play in that heat. Arizona was recruiting both Michael Wadsworth and I before and now I dont hear from them. Pretty much everyone in the PAC 10 for the exception of Stanford has expressed interest or offered.

"Getting the offer from Tennessee was really something. It would be a great experience to see what they are all about." When I asked him if there were schools that he hoped to hear from that he has not all ready he answered in the following way: "Miami, Florida, Clemson, Notre Dame and USC. The Trojans once they offered me - they just not have been active." "I just have never been to these campuses and I would enjoy the chance to experience what they have to offer."

Hawaii has been all over his team mate TJ and our Defensive Coach is now on their Staff. I think that he is leaning towards going there. I asked him about going to a school with one of his team mates at Silverado "I think that we all know that we have to do what is best for each other. It would be great if we had this chance." When we talked about what he is looking for: "I just want to have a program that wants me as much as they want Keenan the player. I dont have a real Top 10 right now. I just would like to see all of my possibilities."

Graham is not looking to rack up the frequent flier miles, I just is looking for a program that wants to take care of him. He does not want to be a number on a roster. You have to respect him for wanting to know what his real options are. He senses that since USC offered him and that recruiting services have been pressing him for a Top 10 that other schools are dropping off of him. He does not appear to be in love with USC. Virginia Tech and UCLA have shown him the love. The remainder have work to do. The recent addition of Tennessee now puts the SE into the mix. He likes their Coaches and would like to see the spectacle. Graham is very aware of how a school can help him with jobs out of college. He appreciates that family environment.

When we talked about Oklahoma and their Gorman connection "I am a bit suprised that Coach White has not reached out to me. I thought that with them getting Justin Chaisson that it would increase the communication about me going to Oklahoma but it really has not happened."

UNLV - "They keep up with me and tell me how I could be playing in front of my Mom and how she could see me play. I agree that how they handled Devonte Christopher was a disappointment." "UNR has not been in the picture at all".

Graham while having some outside pressure to make a decision prior to the decision, he is not about to do so at this moment. We talked about Bullock getting Florida interest and that really excited him. He understands how many schools East of the Mississippi dont recruit Nevada and that many may not know of him. He just wanted to make it known that he would like to get the interest of Miami, Florida, Clemson and Notre Dame. He would like to put them in the mix and yet not knowing much about their campuses he would like to be given the chance and hope they do not give up on him. At the same time Colorado and Wisconsin are still very top of mind with him and that he hoped that neither of them forget about him since they recruited him so early in the process.

In talking to Keenan, he just wants to know all of his options and then move forward. If he gets the feeling that he will be just another number, it is going to be hard to get his attention. If I am Florida, Clemson or Miami - I would be asking for tape. The Vols like him enough to offer and he is likely to have them be his only SEC option if the others dont show interest. UCLA and VA Tech have his interest. His other 8 are missing something. Either it is the number of athletes that they are recruiting or it is the lack of communication. He really has not made up his mind and he is wide open. He is not set on staying on the West Coast, he wants a football family to be a part of. So Gator, Tiger, Hurricane and Irish fans dont give up on this stud from Nevada. He is waiting for the contact. Badger, Gopher, Bulldog and Buff fans he has not written you off either. Just connect with this kid and he can be on your squad. The kid is class and he will produce for you.

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