2008 Top Ten Football Teams in Nevada

Now that we have settled into Division play, we are seeing good teams fall by the wayside. Palo, McQueen, Hug and Legacy - yes the Longhorns are the lone undefeated teams in the State of Nevada. McQueen continues to be the lead team in the North with Hug looming. Palo got a scare this week in an over time game against rival Cimarron Memorial 17-14. Here is the TOP 10 teams in the State of Nevada.

Top 10

1. McQueen - 9-0 - No close calls in a weak year for 4 A football in the North.

2. Palo Verde 10-0 - This week's warm up sets up the stage for potential rematch against CM.

3. Las Vegas - 9-1- Pass defense is a concern for the Cats - could run into a team who could do damage in the playoffs with Basic or Green Valley.

4. Bishop Manogue - 8-1

5. Bishop Gorman - 10-1 - They are under the radar waiting to strike. Cheyenne and Palo are up next after this week's warm up.

6. Cheyenne- 9-1 - Sullivan is as good as advertised - they look towards a Gorman throw down.

7. Basic - 7-3 - Henderson Bowl champs looking to prove that they are more than a City champ.

8. Spring Valley - 8-1 - Is this team for real? We will see them make their journey tonite with a tough matchup against CM.

9. Del Sol - 8-2 - Lost 2 tough games this season - with the last second loss against GV sitting in their gut.

10. Green Valley - 5-2 - Kohorst with another 50 yard field goal as he is the top kicker in the State this year.

Northern teams are in their final week of regular season action this week. They get into playoff action next week. Sunrise and Sunset get it going tonite.

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