Big Names Gone - Plenty of Talent Left

Now that Silverado's Big 3 have made their commitments, with Keenan Graham deciding to head to UCLA. There are plenty of kids under the radar that deserve mention as we are still in the recruiting season. Leading the list is Valley do it all Athlete Kerwynn Williams who once again put the Vikes on his back in an upset bid against Basic on Friday night. Lets not forget stars at Rancho and Del Sol.

Kyle Van Noy of McQueen continues to be the next big athlete yet to make a commitment. With BYU and Colorado waiting for his move. His stock continues to rise with great plays this week for the Top Ranked Lancers this week. If you want him at WR, his size is really interesting. If you want him at LB, he has a ton of upside on that side of the ball as well.

Since the "so called" recruiting experts have fallen off with who has broken out this year, it is time to give some love to players who could make a big difference for a D1 school next year.

Last year it was Beau Orth of Gorman who was given a last minute ride at UNLV over Corbin Brown of Spring Valley. Brown ended up at Air Force and will be a contributor for the Falcons. Now we need to mention how valuable Orth has been for UNLV. We need to look at the Arizona State game and see a wide eyed Freshman making a key play in UNLV's big upset in September.

Williams is the type of player that you need to get on the field. He has deceptive speed and he flat out makes plays happen. Once again he had over 200 yards of offense for the Vikes. Not big enough to play QB, Williams can do everything else. He had 170 yards on the ground, with a 56 yard td and 2 passing TD of 54 and 29 yards. If you want an all around player who will contribute, Williams is a great signee. Happy to report that lower rung Pac 10 schools are starting to call him about playing at the next level.

Cheyenne is plain old loaded with speed. What every college program would want, kids that can run and make plays. This is what Cheyenne and Gorman with all of their athletes bring to this week's great playoff game. Marcus Sullivan is way under the radar and should be on the screen for anyone who wants a big back with speed. Sullivan has shown big play ability in the same mold as Torie Coleman, who signed with UNLV and since has transferred to Oregon State. Sullivan has UNLV and Wyoming on his list. I expect that list to grow with his play this weekend. He had 160 yards rushing with TD runs of 65 and 35 yards. Jeremiah Tofaeono will be getting offers as an OL. Kyyriece Campbell has Minnesota after him as a CB. Damien Proby can name his school as a LB as he continues tomake plays. He had a monster game against Bonanza last week. Name the BIG 10 school and Proby has an offer from them - Northwestern leading the way. So grades are not an issue for him.

Rancho puts up points and you need to look at their play makers - Dijon Holman - who grabbed another td pass this weekend. James Cammack was 31 - 49 for 444 yards and 6 touchdowns in their loss to DEL SOL. He also threw 2 pick 6 plays in the loss.

Del Sol will talk about Tim Lawson and their OL play. But, time to look at a kid who reminds us of LSU RB Jacob Hester - Derek Eamon. He only rushed for 285 yards and 5 td in their 72 point out burst this weekend. If you are looking for a FB or H Back - Eamon really can fill the bill. He is not a small back and shows great strength in his running style.

Chaz Thomas is getting love for his work at Palo Verde from Washington State. Thomas produces and does not mind running between the tackles. He ran for 153 yards with 2 tds this weekend.

Emir Lopez showed us at Sierra Vista that he can play. Now at Las Vegas, he continues to make good decisions as he led the Wildcats to a solid win over Foothill this weekend. He was 15-22 for 280 yards including a TD pass to Reggie Bullock. Bullock would be a great grab for someone in the PAC 10 who is looking for a Keola Antolin clone. He is shifty and tough. His rushing numbers are not as solid as last year, due to his team having more talent around him. Bullock can return kicks and can make plays for a school looking for an energy guy. Arizona State continues to push him to join former team mate Lawrence Guy.

Stephen Nixon of CM could be the real deal as the top recruit in the State of next year's Senior Class. He is getting a Top 150 ranking already by services. On Friday he ran for 156 yards with 3 tds. In the 3rd quarter alone, he ran for 100 yards on just 5 carries. Believe the hype - the kid is that good.

Dont forget about these Senior RB who were on under the radar teams. Akil Sharp played hard for Sierra Vista this year without any real threat of a passing game. His combine workout in the Spring got the notice of big time West Coast schools. He continued to put up 100 yards a game as he got into the later stages of the year. He could have left the Lions, but the kid stuck it out once his star QB transferred. He will be a major asset for a D1 team wanting a hard worker that is truly an unselfish player. Also, Spring Valley's Jacques Adams had a solid late season as he rushed for 159 yards including breaking one off for 76 yards against CM.

Small schools are also getting some pub, although it is late in the game. Mountain View's Billy Paddock is getting notice from UNLV, Idaho and SDSU - all teams who come in late to pick up these diamonds in the rough. Lincoln County has a player in Cody Burgess who has college size at OL. Stanford, Boise State, Utah and UNLV are all showing interest. When Boise finds a Nevada rural kid look out. They have a great nose to find these solid kids who end up as contributors when all is said and done. Faith Lutheran has David Sperry turning heads. The WR is getting an offer from Navy and expect a host of other schools to take a look at him as the wind up their recruiting process.

Up North, McQueen has a host of players who dont have sparkling stats - but they can all make a D1 roster. York is a solid RB, who will contribute for a program upon graduation. Reed QB Tyler Pine continued the star play of Raider QB's as he had 18-26 for 327 yards and 4 td passes. Blessed with speed at WR, the Raider QB understands how to get his playmakers the ball.

Finally, after last year's debacle in the Corbin Brown recruitment by Hawaii. The Warriors have made a commitment to recruiting what they consider to be their extra island - Las Vegas. In the hiring of former Silverado D Coordinator, Tony Tuioti, the Warriors have been in the chase for quality players this year in Vegas. Getting TJ Alofipo and Michael Wadsworth out of Silverado, a program that he knew so well, is a major step in the right direction for the Warriors. Joshua Rice of Coronado remains on the Hawaii roster, so he will provide a slice of home to the Skyhawk recruits.

Brotherly support from the Bagsby family, where Aaron is now starting at Safety for UCONN. Now is leading to another Basgby brother to also consider UCONN after leaving Green Valley. Connections is exactly what we have been hoping for with the lack of recruiting by Nevada and UNLV of the top athletes in the State. People are starting to understand that Nevada has more than a handful of players who can play for Oklahoma. There are plenty of kids who used to go to Oregon State and now Hawaii, UCONN and other schools are putting their best foot forward.

Question- will the outstanding year of Tysson Poots at Southern Utah lead him to want to transfer to a D1 school next year? The kid has set records and one can hope that he will take the challenge on next season. Jarrell Harrison of Palo who struggled getting into UNLV, looks like he will get his AA degree from a Nor Cal JC and has put him in position to be a Pac 10 recruit next season. We can only wonder about what would have happened to Kevin Richardson of Cheyenne and John Ford of Foothill? Grades are also a part of the solution besides your play. But, for these outstanding kids they just want to have the chance and their play says enough to give them one next year.

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