UNLV Unable To Get Nevada Football Players

UNLV did not sign a Nevada Athlete last year for Football. While it is easy to say that UNLV went after local prospects that had subject grades. The burning question is how UNLV is making friends with local Las Vegas athletes. In a year that many think John Robinson must produce, the jabs are flying from Oregon State from Nevada Athletes who are saying that UNLV is ignoring local kids. The biggest game of the year for UNLV is not Wisconsin or BYU it is against Oregon State. Here is the scoop.

Washington, USC and Tennessee recruited Jackson, which says something about his talent. However, he chose up-and-coming Oregon State only after giving up on his hometown Nevada-Las Vegas. Jackson grew up in Vegas. His father, Steve, works as a casino pit manager. His mother, Brenda, deals blackjack. Jackson did not want to leave, but he grew disenchanted because he felt UNLV ignored local talent. He even says his decision boiled down to either "Robinson," as in UNLV coach John Robinson, or Oregon State. "UNLV always runs to California before they recruit their own area," Jackson says. "There are a lot of sleepers in Vegas. They have great athletes in Vegas they aren't signing." Starting OSU linebacker Richard Seigler and safety Lawrence Turner also hail from Las Vegas, as do backup linebacker Jonathan Pollard and cornerback Kellen Marshall. Jackson thought he would redshirt last year, but his impressive practices forced the Beavers to play him and phase out Patrick McCall. Jackson doesn't want to disappoint the people who watch him this year in Corvallis. He has a pretty good offensive line in front of him — and all the confidence in the world. "My goal is to lead the Pac-10 in rushing," he says. This came from the Portland Oregonian in an article on former Eldorado Star Steven Jackson. UNLV is facing a major issue and it will be front and center when the Rebels travel to Corvalis to take on the Oregon State Beavers. Year after year, Las Vegas kids are leaving the Silver State for football glory at other colleges. From the Jackson comments, any fan can see a problem is developing. Richard Seigler went to Chaparral and he is pre season All Pac 10 at Linebacker. Jon Pollard from Las Vegas High lines up beside him in the starting line up at Linebacker. Lawrence Turner from Cheyenne, signed with UNLV and left after a season. He will play in the defensive backfield for the Beavers. Kellen Marshall from Cimmarron played mostly on offense for the Spartans, he was actively recruited by Arizona and Oregon State to play CB. It does not stop here. John Ream from Chaparral will start at Center for UCLA. James Sims from Valley will see time at CB for Washington this year. Anthony Park from Las Vegas High will see time at WR for Air Force. The list goes on and on from the local kids that left the opportunity to stay at home. Now we are hearing that UNLV is not spending time recruiting local players. One prominent Las Vegas Coach told me that he is not a fan of Robinson and UNLV. This came from UNLV blowing off a D1 recruit last year even to provide him with a partial scholarship. When you have a college that decides not to send an olive branch out to a local high school, it doesn't bode well for UNLV in their recruitment of future athletes from the local high school. Sure you can look at Dyante Perkins from Gorman, Jason Rogers from Gorman, Jamal Brimmer from Durango, Ross Dalton and Toby Smeltzer from Cimarron, Adam Seward from Bonanza and Steve Vaccaro of Silverado has local players on the UNLV roster. Of course the Rebels can't recruit every local kid and give him some form of a scholarship. But, when you see John Ford of Foothill disapear while Kellen Marshall is fully eligible you have to wonder what is going on over at Maryland Parkway? I have not seen many UNLV Coaches at high school games during the season. The numbers of players who are giving oral commitments prior to the season is increasing. None of the oral commitments have fallen to UNLV. Why is this happening? Are the comments that UNLV only being concerned about California kids really true? It keeps on appearing that this is really the case. Shouldn't the right for playing for John Robinson be intriguing enough for a local star athlete? Apparently it is not. Looking at Cornell Johnson of Desert Pines and Ramond White of Green Valley neither even mentions UNLV when they talk about playing college football. Cory Williams of Las Vegas has already said that he is headed to Washington. Robinson needs to land a big time Las Vegas recruit and work on the local Coaches to improve his image. If Oregon State is any answer, you can see what college coaches are saying to the local kids of Las Vegas. They are saying "play for a school that cares for you and don't stay home in Las Vegas. Just look at their track record of recruiting local kids." That statement alone can sway a kid and if UNLV is consistantly tarty in getting to these kids who can blame these programs from using this ammunition. I can see it now, Oregon State blows out UNLV in September and all of the Las Vegas Prep Stars have big games. What will Robinson say after this game? I wish I kept these kids at home playing for us? Chris Tormey at UNR has gotten the wake up call with the performance of Chance Kretchmer from Tonopah last season. He went out and signed 5 Nevada athletes last off season. When Chris Ault dominated the UNR/UNLV rivalry is was his ability to dominate in state recruiting that gave him the edge. While UNR is still trying to regain their former glory, anyone can see that Wolfpack is going back to what worked so well for so many years: recruit Nevada kids away from UNLV. If you are a high school fan, root for a Oregon State blowout. Maybe then UNLV will take local recruiting a little more seriously. Robinson is a legend in Southern California he has yet to gain the same status in Las Vegas. His work in the Atletic Director Chair should have some time set aside to not let these local kids leave to play elsewhere.

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