Football Recruiting - OSU cleans up, UNLV Struggle

UNLV has said before how they were going to make a better effort in recruiting local high school football players after they were thumped at Oregon State this year. Well, unless they hurry UNLV will be beat again by the outside invaders of the likes of Oregon, Oregon St, Boise St and Fresno State to name a few. Here is the most up to date information on the recruiting process here in Nevada. Some solid talent this year still is out there undecided.

Oregon State has been the biggest player in Southern Nevada once again - They get Jeff Van Orsow (6'4 230) from Foothill and Desert Pines NT Curtis Coker (6'1 290. Coaches loved both players as they had great motors, especially Van Orsow. Coker has the frame to take some of the mass and turn it into muscle. They are also in the hunt for Gerard Lawson of Palo Verde (UNLV, UNR) and the big blue chipper Cornell Johnson (UCLA, Oklahoma and Miami). Johnson is solid class grade wise with a 4.0 during this past semester. He has struggled with Test scores. This should be corrected. The OSU thought has alot to do with former Eldorado star RB Steven Jackson possibly turning pro after this upcoming season. If he has another solid year leading the PAC 10 he could be gone. Lawson has recently announced he is headed to Corvallis.
Boise State - They hung around and won the war for two solid O line/d line guys in Jeff and Pete Cavender from Elko. Nevada was in the hunt and some of their recruiting antics did not sit well with the family. (note see for Chuck Hildebrand's take on this it is a good one) Cavenders will join former McQueen star Chris Carr at BSU.
SDSU - They look like they will get big O lineman Brendon Dombroski from GV to fill a void.
Fresno State - They look to be in the lead for two solid McQueen players in Charles Tolbert (Nevada) DL and Clint Stitser (K).
Washington - WR Cory Williams from LV High will join James Sims from Valley in Seattle for the Huskies.
Oregon - As told here first Ramond White (6'5 240) from GV will be heading North joining Tim Day with the Ducks. Having Day and former Hoops teammate Mitch Platt in Eugene was a big sell.
UNLV - Adrian Faga from Indian Springs is the lone signee at this moment. Wait is on for Mike Kravetz from Durango (6'5 300), Nate Weiderquist from Foothill (6'2 200) and Daniel Crews from Las Vegas. All 3 players are being heavily sought after by other schools right now. If Nate was officially headed to UNLV, should have already committed? He may not be a done deal.
ASU - They got former Centennial line man Gabe Reniger from Moorpark CC for the DL. Josh Barrett of Reno is still in the hunt to play in the secondary (Nevada & Rice)
Nevada - Still trying to land a host of McQueen players - Matt Marner who will walk on, Mohu Otaufi, Charles Manu and Chris Warner all could be looking at Nevada if they can arrange 2 year mission (BYU, CSU, UTAH) all in the mix for the 3 players.
BYU - Aaron Attig - Moapa Valley will be headed there to play in the secondary. Players we need to still keep an eye on - Porter - Cheyenne, Hawkins (Basic), McIntyre (Durango), Murtaugh and Sartini (Gorman), Gray (Centennial), BJ Williams, Kwan Walker and Tony Williams (DP, Pool (LV) and Hurley (BC).


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