Playoff Picks. Cheyenne vs Gorman = Great

I love the copycat Review Journal. Gorman vs Cheyenne is a great game. DUH! Gorman has a ton of great athletes who we could see playing for D1 schools next year. Also, the same can be said for Cheyenne, as they are loaded as well. Cimarron looks at film of their regular season game against Palo and tries to get just a little better than what they showed in their overtime loss earlier this year.

Picks - Sunset

Palo Verde gets another shot against neighborhood rival Cimarron tonite. Cimarron loaded up the line of scrimage and tried to make Palo beat them through the air. Credit to Coach Darwin Rost, as he has been able to put more throwing situations into game film for Cimarron to think about. When it comes down to this time of the year, having a Coach that has been there means alot. They understand how to handle emotions and how to use over excitement of their opponent. I expect Cimarron to see Palo try to stretch the field to keep the Spartans away from overloading the box. Cimarron needs to keep their composure and on offense, they need to jump up on Palo and make them play from behind. Palo controls the ball as well as anyone in the State, they do not beat themselves. My expectation is that Palo will jump up early on Cimarron and they will try to take Nixon out of the game early. Palo 28 CM 13

Gorman against Cheyenne - in past Cheyenne teams decision making in pressure games have been their weakness. They know that they have the talent to make life hard on Gorman. But, can their execution equal their talent? We dont talk nearly enough about how much pride Cheyenne plays with on defense. Yes, they have blown out some teams on offense. But, we have seen donuts put up by many of their opponents. This is due to the team speed that Cheyenne plays with. I am really interested in Gorman QB play. Coach Bob knows how to keep his players to play within themselves. But, when they need to make plays can they get an excited Chey town to over pursue a play which can blow up in the Shields face? This game will go down to the wire and if you are looking for a contest to see great prep athletes there is not a better game in the State to go see. Cheyenne gets a slight upset due to inexperience on the Gorman offense. Cheyenne 19 Gorman 14, I expect Cheyenne to struggle with extra points once again and this could bite them in the rear if they lose this game tonite.

In the Sunrise, Basic takes on Del Sol. I like the fact that Del Sol needed to put up points last week against the explosive Rancho passing attack. It still concerns me that they felt the need to keep up the scoring, as it is a cause of concern against a team that will do a better job in controling the line of scrimmage in Basic. Expect Basic to throw a controlled passing game and force Del Sol to throw the ball to beat them. I still think that the execution of Del Sol will give them the upset tonite at Basic. Give credit to the Wolves - one of the only teams in the Valley with a grass field that knows how to paint a field to make it look major league. Del Sol 28 Basic 21

Vegas vs Green Valley - Vegas is loaded, yet they still leak on defense against the pass. They had a cake walk last week against Foothill. Green Valley should have buried DP and instead let them hang around too long. Libanati needs a break out game to get back on scouts radar as a true QB prospect. Green Valley has all of the emotion on their side, just not the experience in the situation. Vegas wins tonite with Reggie making the Gator defense read the back of his jersey in space. LV 34 Green Valley 24

Northern matchups - week 1 no big deal

Galena takes on McQueen. With the Lancers having their top OL sit out last week, the Lancers will have some fresh legs. Galena should be taking on Legacy for a bid in the playoffs and I still think Legacy from the South beats them. Lancers name their score 42 - 0

Demonte Ranch vs Hug - Too much speed from the Hawks. Demonte tastes the playoffs and gets love from their fans for getting there. Enjoy it while it lasts - Hug rolls 42 - 7


Reed vs Douglas - I was impressed by how Reed lit up the scoreboard last week. From that, I thik Reed can beat Douglas who again is not as good as advertised. Reed 35 Douglas 27

Reno vs Manogue - The question is who will draw more fans - Manogue, McQueen or the Nevada Wolfpack this weekend. My money is on the prep schools. Manogue rolls in this contest 34-13

Last game - need to give a shout out to Moapa as they take on the Fernley (I am going to Cal) ball club. Moapa has a real home field advantage that I expect the Pirates to move on after this weekend.

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