State Tournament Now Looks Alive at Orleans

Leading off our news and notes segment, The Orleans looks to be getting a deal together to put the NIAA Basketball Tournament at their venue February 2005. The NIAA and Orleans were miles apart just a month ago. According to local officials outside of the NIAA, The Orleans and NIAA have gotten a push from some well thought of supporters in the community to get this deal done. Still no word on whether live tv will play any role in the title game. More news and notes:

The Friday Night Football game of the week will be back on 1230 KLAV this September. This season features a new twist, the station will not be exclusive to Bishop Gorman. The station will air a schedule choosing the top games of the week, which may include Gorman from time to time. The broadcasters will not be the ones handling Gorman broadcasts last year. The first Friday in September College Football will air on 1230 KLAV and high school football will be on the air the following weeks through the State Title Game.

Last year, we did a feature on the top 10 stories of the year in high school sports. This year, due to so much of it being negative we figured to shorten the list and give it to you now.

1. Far and away winner was the Cheyenne vs Gorman mess. This got everyone talking about who started what, did the NIAA have the rights to hand down the punishment, how can the NIAA govern, what if the court case is overturned - and so forth. Cheyenne lost to Palo Verde before things could get any messier. Players will still have to pay for the fight with both teams losing a conference game before the season even starts.

2. Las Vegas Football - The sky high Cats were rolling along and then tragedy hit. Eddie Gomez was sent to the hospital following a game in the playoffs and never left his bed. The Cats played through 2 enormous injuries to their Starting QB and RB - then Gomez passes. The team made it to the State Finals before falling to Reno, the first team ever ranked #4 to win the State Tournament playing all playoff games on the road. Coach Cink leaves for UNLV following the season.

3. Reno High - They win State Football in smash mouth fashion coming in as the #4 ranked seed from their own division. They won every playoff game on the road and were dominating in the title game against Las Vegas. Reno High Baseball got the State Baseball title that they had been so long in chasing. In Carson, they defeated the South's best teams handily giving the Huskies 2 boys titles in major sports and State Girls Runners Up in Basketball.

4. Itally and Centennial - Freshman Itally Lucas scores 42 points in the State Semi Final breaking the 4 A State record in a romp over Reed. The Bulldog girls were challenged briefly by Reno in the final. They would say after the game that their Gorman Regional title game was their toughest game of the year and the real State Championship. Lucas was named State MVP as a Freshman. Centennial Softball took home State from the North with dominating pitching. After coming close the South took one finally away from the North.

5. Basketball is lame at State. The reduced State tournament led to empty seats for the Boys title game between Palo Verde and upstart Foothill. Last year, 8 teams went to State with 3 days of play. This year, only 4 teams and only one Southern team even bothered to bring their band up to Reno for either the Girls or Boys. It was depressing and a sad story for a once proud tournament.

In closing - the year seemed to be one of pointing fingers, not respecting the past, looking out for themselves first, looking at covering ones backside and self served interests from both players,coaches and administrators. From Harvey Perry to Larry McKay, Bill Garris to Jim Allen, David Peoples to Jerry Hughes - the list goes on and on. Good people who made decisions that effected all of us. You can try to figure out if their decisions were right or wrong based on how they effected you. Good people who did alot for their schools, communities and some that were in it not for team - but for themselves. In this day and age, you can almost not want to blame them. This year they brought out the broom and forgot about what many gave back, because they were not giving it to those people in the right way any more. It was a bad PR year. The good guys of the year, Coach Cink at Las Vegas, Jamal Smith, Nate Schulte, Stanley Copeland, Coach Paul Berg of Coronado, Coach Soares at Foothill, Ben Keller and Chris Montano. Good people and many more that should not be forgotten and should be listed. But, when you wanted to talk about them - out comes Chap Girls Basketball Forfeiting games, Liberty Football being beat by 60 points and Meadows Basketball trying to run up scores on overmatched opponents. It got real ugly this past year. Reno Football wins - first thing Connor Martin should not have been eligible to play. Durango had too many transfers on their basketball team. The list goes on and on. The plays of Ryan Klekas of Elko carrying his team, while he played 3 times against South teams - he walked away with respect from his peers. This was a year of 311 Boys and plenty of things to forget about. Lets make next year alot better.It could not be any rougher.

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