Graham Narrrows List - Yet Still Waiting

Silverado DL Keenan Graham is the fastest rising Nevada player that we have seen this Summer. He attended combines and camps as schools continued to jump in on this great player. Silverado still has Michael Wadsworth a solid DB and AJ Alofipo a stand up LB who are also getting attention. Wadsworth has given a Top 10 list, yet he is waiting for an SEC school to jump aboard.

When I spoke to the Silverado Coaching Stafg in the Spring, the question came up about getting their kids noticed. Well through hard work and traveling to combines in LA in the Spring have catapulted Keenan Graham to the top of the list of Nevada recruits in a span of 4 months. Recently, Graham chose to narrow his list down to a handful of schools.

However, there is a catch in all of it. He would like to see if there are schools in the SEC that could have a interest in recruiting him. While we hear of letters being sent to any kid in the Valley who scored a TD last season, Graham is waiting on a school from that part of the country before he makes a serious interest in having him come aboard their program. He does not feel that he can make a real list of teams with out knowing if teams in the SEC or even ACC have an interest in him.

As any good Coach can attest, games are won and lost with the men in the trenches. Either on the offensive or defensive line, Coaches start there and then work on the other position players. Thus, Graham has gone from unknown to superstar as schools are noting how he can contribute for them.

He has took an un official visit to Michigan along with his Dad to look at campus. He came away impressed by their facilities. Yet, the word is out on the recruiting front that Michigan will offer everyone so knowing that they want him over others is hard to attest.

He was shown around UCLA by new Head Coach Rick Neuheisel and that impressed him that a Head Coach would care enough to show him the campus. Also, the entry of Virginia Tech into the fray has been very sincere and he is also impressed by how they have been consistant with their recruiting of him. Even when Head Coach Pat Hill of Fresno State was told that it was unlikely that the Bulldogs would drop out due to his lack of interest. Hill continued to say how they were really interested in him and that they would not cross him off their list. With the success of former Silverado LB Ben Jacobs as a Redshirt Freshman and DL Jon Monga of Foothill doing so well last year - Hill is refusing to give up on Graham.


Graham has listed UCLA, Michigan, USC, VA Tech, Arizona, ASU, Oregon, Oregon State, Colorado and Oklahoma on his list. His initial lean is between VA Tech and UCLA. Although, if a strong SEC or ACC school was to jump into the play things could really change.

Noting the fact that he has lived in many different states during his growing up, he is not partial to a particular school. Lets see if a Miami, South Carolina, NC State or LSU jumps into the mix after learning this? With so few recruiting people designated to recruit Las Vegas, getting their attention will be hard. But, Graham is continuing to send tapes out with the hopes of catching the eye of their staffs.

AJ Alofipo is coming back to Silverado and can use some time in the weight room. He is naturally strong, but his family has kept him away from lifting. He is being recruited by Hawaii, UNLV, SDSU, Colorado State, Army and Fresno State. No mention of Nevada in his recruitment which is a suprise. He will also continue to send tapes out in the hope that he can catch a Pac 10 school's attention. There is no pact between him and Graham to take them both.

Michael Wadsworth is a solid qualified DB who continues to be plauged by the fact that he will be going on a mission following his Senior year. He has all of the talent to play in college, but schools wonder if he will be the same player after his two years away. He has a ride from Arizona and Utah at the moment.

Quick notes on a couple of other players. Akil Sharp of Sierra Vista, his combine numbers were off the chart in LA. Most think that due to the transfer of the SV starting QB to Las Vegas, that Sharp will be a target for defenses and that his numbers will suffer. Most expect him to commit prior to the year to protect his rides.

Reggie Bullock the outstanding RB of Western was being recruited last year by Arizona State with interest from Florida. What his transfer to Las Vegas in the off season will mean is anyone's guess. The expectation is that he will shine. But, the fact that his list of schools has not grown during the Spring alerts us to the possibility that grades could cause an issue. We hope that Bullock gets the grade issue in order and that he maintains the level of interest from these schools, as he could be the next Reggie Bush clone coming out of Nevada.

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