Thorns and Antolin Make it Official

Hank Thorns of Valley knew that he could play, he just needed a shot. He is going to get it with Seth Greenberg's Virginia Tech Hokies next year. So often we hear about kids settling on a school. Thorns just kept on playing and now he will be in the ACC. Keola Antolin of Gorman also has decided to pick his school before the season, as he will be headed to Arizona. More news and notes.

Lawrence Guy of Las Vegas is turning heads again. The 6'6 defensive lineman is getting attention from Tennessee, Arizona, Washington and more. His list is starting to creep into the Lynn McGruder stratosphere with big time schools showing their interest. Corbin Brown of Spring Valley with a Wisconsin offer in hand is also starting to put together a strong list. Additionally, the Canyon Springs top 4 are getting enormous attention from college scouts as well.

All this is great news for Southern Nevada recruits. Where we have seen too many local stars not being recruited due to the many before them that have not been able to qualify. Schools are recruiting Las Vegas harder than ever. Just hearing about how many Canyon Springs players are being recruited and how schools are willing to project players into other positions right now makes for an exciting time for Southern Nevada football.

Cant bag on UNLV too much, they are on the list of these top players with offers in hand. But, from the reports of Coaches they are once again late to the party on these players.

Cant wait for football season to get going this year!

We are seeing changes galore in the Coaching ranks, with many long time familiar names deciding to hang up the whistle. Al Larqoque of Durango has been one of the top Coaches in Nevada for Hoops. He elevated the program and was always a threat to win State. His involvement with so many small college tournaments and with the Summer Basketball events helped pay dividends in getting Durango on the map with all of the extra funds that a program needs to excel. One moment that many will not remember is his council of Kurt and Kyle Busch while they were at Durango. He spent time with these two non basketball stars to help educate them about finances. If you are able to catch a Speed Channel airing of Before They Were Stars, you will see Al talking about his relationship with the Busch brothers. Something that many were unaware of. He coached with class and always was willing to do what it took to help support High School Basketball. We wish Al and his Daughters well.

The question that I always raise to Gorman's Grant Rice is: Where do you want to go from here? With Gorman having a new Head Football Coach, Rice is the long term Coach along with Girls Coach K. Coach K has developed a power house girls program. Rice has developed a well thought of program on the West Coast and like their methods or not - he has put that program in a position to win. I wonder about what Rice really wants to do in the end? Is it to move on to a College Coaching job like his brother? Is it to have a chance at a Head Coaching job with a JC or smaller NCAA school? With so much hanging over him after the Jonathon Taverini issue the past season, you wondered if he had enough and if he would move on? David White knew how to find players and better yet he knew how to get them to be seen by College Coaches. He elevated everyone's aware ness about the internet and the power of marketing his players. But, in the end the scoreboard did not show Gorman winning State or making the title game with so much D1 talent. We can only hope that the new Gorman Football Coach can win games while also maintaining this great record of getting kids into college.

I give credit to Corbin Brown and Brandon Wolak. They have sent their information to us and let us get the chance to talk about their recruiting situation with the Scouting side of our network. While Brown made All State last year, Wolak did not exactly light up the stats last year. But, who in Southern Nevada is given a chance to put up major passing numbers in a State where it is run the ball on first, second and third downs? His efforts in marketing his desire and ability have put him into some of the top invite camps on the West Coast. He will also be hitting numerous college camps as well on his own dime. Give the kid credit, he is going to raise his game this summer with all of this competition and do not be suprised if this kid breaks out big time this Fall.

Unlike basketball, where AAU programs are providing many Southern Nevada kids the opportunities to be seen. Football does not have all of these gatherings. Combines, like the one at Valley do provide a measuring stick for college coaches. But, it is the College camps that give Coaches an up close look at how a player measures up. How often do you hear about the NFL draft and players who played for NFL Coaches that week? A ton. It is because it provides a preview about an athlete's work ethic and how they would fit in with that Coach's system. I urge all potential Juniors and Seniors to take on a camp this Summer without your team. Go to a Utah State, Arizona or Wyoming camp. Let Coaches see you and watch how your stock will rise.

If you are looking to be put on the board this year, let us know. We will be happy to send your info to our college recruiting experts. Certainly, it helps to have the game to deserve this type of profile. There are many smaller schools who do not have a recruiting budget who would love to get after Nevada athletes. How are they to know about you? Do you think that your Coaches are getting the word out to all Coaches across the country? The answer is no. Please e mail us on the message board and we can tell you what we will need to get you on the prospects page. Coaches can do the same, let us know about prospects. You wondered how Gorman had so many kids on the board, it is because they sent us their information.

Finally, a quick update on some future moves with Nevada Sports Network. We are in discussions to make some moves with Nevada media to broaden the coverage of High School sports. Our interest is to have a 30 minute tv show and / or a Friday night show that would allow people to call in and for us to provide interviews and scores of that night's games. If you like the idea, which is a long time coming, please let us know on the board. I know that the interest is there, but your comments would be really valuable with us speaking to key players who do not understand the power of high school sports in Nevada. If you want to make change happen, please let us know that we have your support.

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