High School Recruiting Picking Up - Sleepers

We all know that Lawrence Guy of Western will find a home with a big time D1 program when signing happens in late January. What about the sleeper players for 2007? There are some outstanding players that are open for the taking right now. Plus, what happens when you are offered and you commit, then a transfer who plays your position asks to transfer to the school that offered you? Corbin Brown?

Corbin Brown update. The Spring Valley Safety, who was an All State performer last year as a Junior, is now looking at playing for someone away from the island rights now. He was offered by Wisconsin this Summer and he sat on the offer. Hawaii pursued him and offered a ride to him around the time when the Bows came to Las Vegas. Now Hawaii is saying that they never made an offer to the kid? The whole thing sounds like a total mess

Lets take a further look at this. Oregon had a kid who decided to transfer out of Eugene and he made his intentions to the Hawaii staff that he would come to the Islands to play in the secondary. Jameel Dowling is the player in question and the inside report is that a ride will go to him and that Brown's supposed ride - well it really was never approved. The Coaching Staff would even go as far to say that they had not even saw tape on Brown? So how does a kid with a Wisconsin ride and other schools after him become led to believe that he should pass up another Top 25 school to play in the WAC if someone did not offer? I am not about to throw the kid under the bus, it was not like he was suciding his recruiting for the chance to play at Hawaii?

Wisconsin if they have not pulled their ride back yet already or any other school would be foolish not to jump on Brown. He can flat out play. As usual, UNLV got in on Brown way late into the process so the Rebels are getting a second chance. Likely is the fact that Brown will blow the Rebs off regardless to go elsewhere.

Any one in the market for a top flight Safety that can produce - Brown is sitting there. Just think how Josh Barnett of Reno has produced at ASU for Dennis Erickson this year. Someone will get a stud or maybe Hawaii will actually wake up on this situation.

My two sleeper players in Southern Nevada this year that are finally getting some attention from Colleges are Silverado's Telvin McMillian and Chaparral's Quentin McCloud.

McMillian has done it all this season, a big back that produces. Lets look at his numbers this week- 260 yards on 17 carries with 4 touchdowns. In a running State, he is leading all Southern Nevada rushers and is just now getting love from recruiters. Oh yeah - Hawaii is in on this kid, as well as Utah and UNLV. I could see him fitting in really well at Utah with so many Las Vegas kids are playing well for the Utes. If not for the exciting play of Devonte Christopher of Canyon Springs this year, McMillian would be getting more attention that any rusher. The kid at 6'1 is for real, Torie Coleman clone back that has speed and elusiveness to play at the next level. His growth this year must be rewarded at the next level.

Chaparral has had their fare share of tough kids. In a story in the Review Journal this past week, you got to see another one of the tough kids in Las Vegas that battles on the field and off the field for everything that he can get. He had over 200 tackles going into last week's game against Clark. He did not rest there, he ran a fumble back for a touchdown in this game as well! Now lets talk about the offense, he is 2nd in Southern Nevada is rushing with over 1,300 yards rushing with no offensive line to speak of. Plus he has 17 touchdowns to boot! Character - this kid has plenty of it. He has done the work in the classroom and now will be able to qualify. Chap is not a school on the radar for recruits with the likes of Dallas Dobbs now starting at LB for Boise State. We will be tracking his recruiting interest over the next couple of weeks.

Del Sol - everyone knows that this team had to have an offensive line to open the holes for everything RB Tim Johnson (now at Arizona Western JC). Lets look at Pat Mendez (5'10 250), Pono Huihui (6'1 270) and Otto Hansell (6'2 300). These guys can play interior line spots at the next level and even know they dont have perfect height, there is something to be said about kids who can make plays. Expect to see Pono being looked at on the DL. Mendez is getting a look for a strong D1AA school in UMASS. Bryan Grenier with 12 touchdowns and their QB Burge are also getting small school interest as well.

Lets get back to Silverado, with more players to talk about than their star RB. Kolton Villa is being recruited heavily by Oregon State, Navy, Army, UNLV, UNR, Arizona State and New Mexico. Grades are no problem here. The outstanding juniors - TJ Alofipo and Keenan Graham have a long list of schools expressing interest in them right now.

Canyon Springs coming off one of the most unbelievable wins of the season last week against LV (better get a kicking game Pioneers and quickly). You may not have noticed a name in the box score from that game - Raveon Samuels - one of the most exciting players in all of Southern Nevada and one that is a top recruit. For reasons that have not been disclosed, Samuels is currently not with the Pioneer squad. We will try to follow up on his status. Christopher, who is starting to get legit looks now as a QB prospect by the likes of Stanford, Colorado and Fresno State. He is over 2,600 yards passing with 37 td passes. His TD run of 54 yards also shows his speed and double threat. Justin Criner continues to shine with the PAC 10 all over this stud WR. Now you can add the play of Deshawn Stewart to the mix with 3 td, 9 catch - 206 yard receivving game against LV. This puts him in the top five WR in town for receiving yards with Samuel still listed in the top 12!

Las Vegas has Shumate who has Nebraska and a host of schools after him at this moment. Even with the passing game of Christopher, CB Sam Acheampong is still having a great season and is getting attention of colleges. Same for Zerrick Prior who had 141 yards receiving and a TD, besides a pick 6 TD for the Cats in the contest. Michael Alexander is also getting attention for the Cats as well. The Cats program has produced top flight talent at the D1 level for many years now and expect these players to blossom at the next level as well.

Credit to the Review Journal for a fine story on Chris Faircloth of Las Vegas and the struggle that it takes being a top flight HS Coach in balancing a family and a team. We say many things about Coaches and this article shows us how someone does things the right way and cares about all of his kids!

We will have some additional updates this week on the Brown situation, as well as what is going on with other athletes around town.

Austin Niggemier deserves some credit as well for his play for struggling Liberty. The kid has talent and is having to attract attention in his Senior year without the benefit of having a Junior year (he did not play). Once again Arizona State has shown interest in the Liberty WR.

Quick points - good and bad - Arizona State has shown great activity in their local recruiting efforts this year. Coach Erickson was my Coach at Washington State, say what you want about Coach bouncing from school to school, he is loyal to his players. He knows that without his recruting of Southern Nevada his Beavers would not have gone as far as they did during his tenure. He has made Las Vegas a market that he wants to dominate for talent. But, winning can change things. With them being ranked in the Top 5 nationally and with their recent commitment of Jack Elway(yes John Elway's son) to play at ASU, Coach Erickson will have the chance to get more national players. The opposite is true at Washington and Washington State where Coaching changes (possible Head Coach and most likely Assistant Coaches) will hurt kids who want to go to the NW. Coach Robb Akey at Idaho knows this and he will land some solid kids that would normally not consider going to play for the Vandals due to the uncertainty of these staffs.

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