Spectacular Year For Football Nevada Recruits

They are finally catching on. College Football Coaches from all over the country are coming to Nevada to recruit our athletes. When you see Rutgers, West Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin you start to get the idea that you dont have to be a Top 50 National Recruit any more to get these programs to take our talent seriously. Here is a progress report on how our talent has been doing this Summer.

Recently, we have had National Top 50 football recruits coming out of the State of Nevada.

We might not have the spectacular recruit this year, with no DeMarco Murray or Lynn McGruder. But, what we have so far is the deepest bunch of football recruits that we have seen in a long time. Much deeper than basketball or any other sport. The depth is leading to schools that we have never seen recruit Nevada, to come into the State to take a hard look at our talent.

Kudos also need to go to our soon to be Seniors and Juniors for going out of State to University Camps on their own. These camps allow College Coaches an upclose look at our talent vs. kids in their States. It is an important part of the recruiting process, that many kids have missed out on. They have followed their Coaches to the UNLV or UNR team camps and forgot about going out of State. From the reports from these camps, our kids are blowing away competition and are coming back with rides.

The relying on their High School Coach to let College Coaches know about how talented Nevada athletes are vs. the other top soon to be Seniors, appears to be moving in more of a positive direction where the kids are taking more responsibility in their destiny.

Lets first look at some of the situations that have helped Nevada kids on the College Football front. Oregon State's success in getting top Nevada athletes during their program's reserection was always noticed by Former OSU and current Arizona State Head Coach Dennis Erickson. The Sun Devils are listed on many of the Nevada kids top schools. Last week, we saw the performance of Gorman's Josh Jordan at the ASU camp lead to his offer - which he accepted.

Gorman fans or not, David White showed football fans of Nevada that you can market yourself no matter the numbers. His work for all of his kids, whether they were stars or up and comers, paid off. Who would have thought that Steve Harris would get a ride to New Mexico? Chris Mark puts away the basketball and spends time on becoming a recruit at TE. He gets a ride to New Mexico as well. White's exposure of his kids has to be recognized, as College Coaches watch tape and see both teams, not just Gorman on film. While White is now on the Oklahoma Staff, diving into the world of College Football with one of the top programs in the country, he will continue to waive the flag of Nevada while working in the Big 12.

Cris Cinkovich, the former Las Vegas High Coach, now the UNLV WR Coach also deserves credit. He fights for rides for Nevada athletes. While UNLV has struggled at times with closing the deals on local recruits and getting to them first, he is another champion of High School Football in Nevada.

Combines and travel have helped Kyle Wolak of Spring Valley get noticed. His stats were not mind blowing last year. For a QB that is really important. Las Vegas is not known for throwing the football in their programs- it is a running type of brand of football. Wolak hit the combine circuit, between carving up other local schools during the 7 on 7 passing sessions. He is now on the radar of Louisana Tech, Colorado, Hawaii, Southern Miss and Arizona State (of course).

Lets look at the other recruits: Keoloa Antolin - Gorman - Verbal recruit to Arizona. Michael Ball of DP - verbal recruit to Nevada. Josh Jordan of Gorman - goes to the ASU camp- named MVP and gets a ride which he has told the Devils that he plans to accept.

Preston Davis - Shadow Ridge - Colorado, Boise, Cal, Nevada, Oregon State, UNLV, Utah

Cejey Ceniza of Sierra Vista - Hawaii, Nevada, UNLV, Utah

Kris Anglin of Sierra Vista - Fresno State and Iowa State

Beau Orth - Gorman - ASU, Army,Yale

Deangelo Butler - Cheyenne - ASU, Sac State, UNLV, Utah State

JD Buonatony -Gorman - Boise State, UCONN,Utah

Ryan Patterson - Western - Arizona, Cal, Oregon

Bryan Powers - McQueen -ASU, Army, Wash State

Styker Ngongegeke - McQueen - Cal, Colorado, CSU,Nevada, UNLV

Conner Mcloney -Faith Lutheran - Army, CSU,Nevada, Notre Dame, Washington,Wash State

Eric Dyer - Spring Creek- ASU, Stanford, Vandy

Mike Muise - Spring Valley - ASU, Boise St,Montana State, Nevada,OSU

Charles Smith - DP - ASU, Oregon, SDSU, UNLV

Colin Shumate - LV - CSU, Stanford, CAl,UNLV, Nevada, Nebraska, Florida

Frank Satterfield - GV - ASU, Wisconsin, Utah

Raveon Samuel - Canyon Springs - Arizona, ASU, USC, Nevada, UNLV, West Virginia, Rutgers, Utah

Mike Royer - Spring Creek - Arkansas, Iowa,Oklahoma, Cal, Washington

Garrick Powell - Canyon Springs - Boise St, Utah St

Phillip Payne -Western - Cal, Oregon, UNLV,Nevada, ASU

Ryan Kuehl- Durango - Nevada, Utah St, UNLV, Fresno St, Wyoming, AF

Corbin Brown - Spring Valley - Auburn, Wisconsin, UCLA, ASU, Boise State, Hawaii

DeVonte Christopher - Canyon Springs - Nebraska, USC, UCLA, SDSU, Wyoming, Oregon,UNLV, Stanford - ALL IVY Schools

Juron Criner - Canyon Springs - UNLV, ASU, Arizona, Utah, Nevada

Robert Drye - Shadow Ridge - Harvard, Stanford,OSU, UNLV

Lawrence Guy - Las Vegas - Nevada, UNLV, SDSU, Oregon, Michigan, Arizona

Chris Jones - Shadow - Colorado - MVP of Camp, Utah,Boise State, Illinois, USC, UCLA

Kamana Kaimikaua - Gorman - UNLV, Utah, BYU, Colorado, Cal

Now certainly, schools have to recruit multiple kids in order to fill out rosters. Much can and will change. What is interesting is seeing the volume of kids with particular schools leading the way. Colorado - very active. Boise State - very active in Southern Nevada, Utah very active. Wisconsin after multiple kids with offers extended. Hawaii on multiple kids. That would make sense with the large Islander Population that lives in Las Vegas. Cal - makes sense in Northern Nevada and they have had great success with stars coming out of Las Vegas

Suprising is the lack of action from Washington, Washington State, New Mexico and Idaho in the State. All of these programs have benefited from Las Vegas athletes in the past. Oregon State is far and away the most suprising that we do not see them on many lists. Mike Riley rebuilt the program on the likes of Richard Seigler, Jonathan Pollard and has many Las Vegas kids on the team at the moment.

While I would like to say that our website has all of the kids who should be getting some pub in the recruiting page, there are many out there that are getting attention that are not listed. We will do all we can to make sure that those kids get the pub that is deserved.

All and all, the list is really impressive. Canyon Springs is loaded with great skill position players. Las Vegas is loaded with defensive impact players as well. In the case of both Christopher and Jones - both are QB for their programs. Neither is projecting out to be behind center at college. So give their Coaches credit for showcasing their kids as athletes and not as pure position players.


The North is still being updated with recruiting progress from players like Jacob Anderson of Galena and Brett Hinkley of Manogue to name a few. When you put them all together with the South, this should be an amazing year for football. I am ready for 2 a days in August right now!

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