Costner: Lining Up Official Visits

Brandon Costner expects to take at least two official visits

Brandon Costner, a versatile 6-foot-8 forward from Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey, stated he plans on taking at least two official visits. Costner confirmed he was probably going to visit North Carolina State and Kansas in September. The dates Costner mentioned were September 17th for NC State and September 24th for Kansas.

"That's what it looks like right now," said Costner, who left the door open for changes. "I am not sure if I will visit Seton Hall (officially) since I have been there so many times."

Recently, Costner chopped his list down to four schools. Costner, who also plays with Jimmy Salmon's Playaz program during the summer, is considered one of the better forwards in the class of 2005.

"I am interested in North Carolina State, Kansas, Seton Hall, and UCLA," Costner said in our previous interview. "They are all equal right now. I don't have a leader. I do plan on taking some visits before I decide." Costner has already taken a visit to UCLA. He has always indicated distance will not be a major part of his decision.

When asked if any one school gives him a better opportunity to play right away than the others, Costner said: "No. They are all equal."

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