Nate Minnoy Restructures List

Nate Minnoy has decided to focus more on football/basketball schools

Nate Minnoy, the burly 6-3, 230-pounder from Chicago's Hales-Franciscan High School, chopped his list of schools down to five. "I wanted to have a list of schools where I would have the option of also playing football," Minnoy said. "Some schools didn't give me that option."

One school that doesn't give Minnoy the ability to try football is Seton Hall, a school he had previously said he wanted to visit. "They don't have football," Minnoy said. "So they aren't on my list."

Minnoy had a very good summer. He showed he could shoot some jumpers and also score inside for the Illinois Fire. And there are several high majors that have kept up with him. "I am interested in Toledo, Purdue, Virginia Tech, Missouri, and Northwestern," he said. "I plan on visiting Purdue on September 10th and Toledo on October 1st."

Pittsburgh and Ohio State were previously mentioned by Minnoy.

"I want to visit the other schools on my list," Minnoy said. "So far Missouri has told me they are coming in to my home for a home visit. I guess we will discuss then an official visit. The same with Virginia Tech and Northwestern."

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