Calhoun Making Big Strides In His Game

Qarraan Calhoun is quickly making strides in his individual game

The Playaz Club of New Jersey certainly has its share of big time players with great reputations. Certainly, Wayne Ellington and Gerald Henderson can be accurately described as such in our above statement.

Another player to keep an eye on over the next year is Raritan High School's Qarraan Calhoun of New Jersey. Calhoun, who is a member of the 2006 class, has been playing with Jimmy Salmon's program and has had some big games during the IS8 playoffs.

Calhoun racked up 30 points recently to help the Playaz advance to this Saturday's Quarterfinals. He was active on both ends of the court and even dropped down a couple of jumpers to show he is making strides along the perimeter.

His big game recently helped the players upend a Levance Fields/Saiquon Stone team. Calhoun scored 20 of his 30 points in the first half.

The 6-foot-7, 213-pound power/ combo forward is a long and athletic forward whose offensive game has plenty of upside. He can fly over bodies for dunks in the lane and cut sharply to the basket for spinning drives with his handle. He already has some offers -- St. John's, St. Bonventure, Seton Hall and Richmond.

Calhoun said he doesn't have a favorite school right now and is still wide open in his recruiting process. If he continues to improve his play over the next year as he has done with the Playaz Club of New Jersey, he will have a big basket of offers awaiting him.

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