Hugh Kirwan at Underclassmen

Hugh Kirwan of Pascak Hills had a big day at the Underclassmen Showcase. The 6'1 QB from a small group I school puts on a big time performance.

last Saturday, at the Underclassmen Showcase Hugh Kirwan of Pascack Hills, a small group I school showed that he belonged on a big stage.

The 6'1/175lb quarterback impressed us with his arm strength and accuracy. In the one on one's and 7 on 7's he and Terrell Godley hooked up several times for completions. In the 7 on 7's he was ability to read coverage's and throw strikes to the receivers showed that he was in a zone and that he could play with talent from anywhere.

As the football season nears, we will keep a close eye on Hugh Kirwan to see how recruiting is going.

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