Mid-Season Prospect Rankings

PrepNewMexico.com breaks down the top 25 high school prospects in the state

1) Matt Hegarty 6'5, 290 OT (Aztec HS)- Has gained serious size this off season and looks like a college ready BCS prospect. Don't be surprised to see him in the 2 deep as a true freshmen at Notre Dame. Top 5 OT in the country…end of story.

2) Ronnie Daniels 6'2, 210 RB (La Cueva HS)- Despite being recruited by numerous BCS level schools, still underrated on the national scale. Has the tools to be an All-American player at 3 different positions.

3) Matt Ramondo 6'4, 295 DT (Mayfield HS)- Another young man with a college ready body. Ramondo has the mean streak and technique to take him a long way at DT. He potentially could be an even better OL…which is scary!

4) Dustin Walton 6'4, 220 QB (Raton HS)- D-I arm, great accuracy, great size, incredible football IQ and bottom line a BCS level talent.

5) Brandon Betancourt 5'11, 175 RB/CB (Mayfield HS)- Betancourt is a slasher of a RB. He provides a quick hit type back that is great in space and can be an effective part of the passing game. Also provides the athletic ability to be a very good CB at the D-I level.

6) Willie Pounds 6'3, 325 DT (Eldorado HS)- About as strong a high school player you will find. Pounds has good burst off the ball, especially considering he is 325 lbs. If he can develop an every down mentality, could be an all-conference level player in college.

7) Matt Jaramillo 6'4, 240 ATH (West Mesa HS)- Incredibly powerful athlete with a strong arm. Adjusting to TE from QB may take some getting used to, but Jaramillo is one of the strongest kids in the state and has the frame to be a huge target at TE. Also has the athletic ability to get in and out of routes and to get open.

8) Isaac Leon 5'11, 215 LB (St. Pius HS)- Has great lateral movement, good hips, good agility, great instincts and jaw dropping hits. Leon is a D-I prospect and I will be shocked if he doesn't garner at least one or two D-I offers. Can play SAM, MIKE, WILL and also could be a FB in the right system.

9) Anthony Kennedy 6'5, 285 OT ( Volcano Vista HS)- Still very raw technique wise, but has the frame and athletic ability to be a really good player. Time under a good OL coach should go a long way in developing this very talented young man.

10) Jordan Ratliff 6'0, 180 RB/FS (Sandia HS)- Ratliff has 4.48 type speed and has great cut back ability. Could also project as D-I FS.

11) Mark Tapia 6'0, 225 LB/FB (Cibola HS)- Tapia is 6'0, 225 and runs a 4.5 40 yard dash. He is a legit D-I level talent. The scary part is that he has the frame to be another 20 pounds which would make him a monster of an OLB. Regardless he could play LB, RB, FB at the next level.

12) Quran Wiggins 6'0, 190 RB (Clovis HS)- an extremely explosive RB who is 6'0, 190 and runs a 4.55 40 yard dash. What more can you ask for? Mid major type guy, who is more suited to a pro-style offense.

13) Josh Houghtaling 6'2, 200 QB (Artesia HS)- Very good player who has excellent pedigree and is coached up extremely well. This is another guy with Mid-Major talent and while he is a pocket passer, has above average athletic ability for the position.

14) Iseah Conklin 6'0, 180 ATH (Silver HS)- Great frame, 4.5 speed and great athletic ability. Is a D-I baseball player, but is also a D-I level talent at FS.

15) Stan Sedberry 6'3, 200 LB (La Cueva HS)- Not a RB or WR prospect but at 6'3, 200 running a 4.5, makes for one heck of an OLB prospect. Still has work to do as a player but when it comes to upside…he has it all. This young man could weigh 235 in a couple years and can chase down most RBs.

16) Koby Caton 5'9, 165 WR (Artesia HS)- Gets in and out of breaks as good as anyone. Has legit 4.4 speed and is a factor in the return game. Caton is undersized at 5'9, 165 but has the skill set to play slot receiver at many mid major schools.

17) Tyler McCulloch 6'5, 195 WR (Eldorado HS)- Obviously has incredible size and is faster than most 6'5 kids.( 4.7 type guy) However, he has trouble getting in and out of breaks due to his size. He is a red zone nightmare and is hard to bring down in space. I could see him as an air raid offense TE or a WR in a pro-style offense.

18) Brandon Branch 5'11, 180 ATH (Academy HS)- great pedigree with the skill set to play CB or WR at the next level.

19) Daniel Jaramillo 5'11, 195 RB/SS (Belen HS)- Possess everything you want in a running-back, minus 4.5 speed. Jaramillo still has decent speed but isn't going to outrun D-I DB's in the open field. Great with the ball in his hands but may project higher as a SS.

20) Drew Barnwell 5'10, 160 FS (Albuquerque HS)- athletic, quick, and hits like a LB. Legit D-II prospect at FS or even RB.

21) Abram Holland 6'3, 265 DT (Cleveland HS)- A little bit of a tweener. Should grow into a very good DT prospect and has serious athletic ability.

22) Emery Coleman 6'3, 180 WR (Tularosa HS)- Very tall, rangy player who is a nightmare to cover. Needs lots of polish and footwork help, but possesses a very high ceiling as a prospect.

23) Michael Lamb 6'2, 220 LB (St. Michaels)- monster of a player on the field. Lamb has good speed and great size. Potentially a better DE prospect, but can still play LB at the next level.

24) Tim Foley 5'8, 170 CB (Rio Rancho HS)- Has great 4.48 type speed, very good technique and hits with the best of them. Slightly undersized and lacks elite athletic ability, but is a fast athletic kid with great technique. Graded now as a great D-II prospect.

25) Brycson King 6'2, 160 QB (Aztec HS)- Very accurate, very smart and is a lot more athletic than given credit for. If he was 25 pounds heavier would likely be a much higher graded prospect.

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