Q&A with David Brown

PrepNewMexico.com's chats with the talented Highland back

PrepNewMexico.com: David, last year you established yourself as one of the top playmakers in the state. What do you feel are you strengths as a player and what is something you need to work on?

Brown: "I believe my strengths are being able to have vision on the field and my speed. I rarely get caught from behind. I probably need to work on my defensive skills."

What is your current height, weight and 40 time?
"My current height is 5'9, 180 pounds and my 40 is a 4.45."

Have any colleges been in contact with you? If so, which ones?

"The colleges who have contacted me are UNM, NMSU and Fort Lewis."

It's obvious you can make plays on both sides of the football. Is there a place you would prefer to play at the next level?

"I really don't have a preferred position. I feel that my abilities allow me to play wherever I am needed."

What factors will help you decide on where you attend college?

"I prefer to stay close to home. Hopefully close enough to where I can come home on the weekends and get a home-cooked meal."

Do you have any favorites (in terms of colleges) at this point?

"Ever since I was little, Florida State was my favorite school."

Did you attend any summer camps for football before the season?

"I have been to a few local camps at UNM but also was invited and attended the Nike football training camp (NFTC) at Stanford University in May which was a lot of fun."

What will a college get if they sign David Brown?

"If a college signed me they would be getting a hard working student athlete that will bring his A game every practice and every game, and will not be a problem off the field."

Scouts take: David Brown is an absolutely explosive skill player. What he lacks in overall size, he makes up for in ball skills, quickness, acceleration and overall athleticism. He could project as a slot receiver, free safety and also bring great value in the return game. Brown is another one of those kids who if he played in most other states would have numerous D-I offers. Brown is more quick than he is fast, but he surprisingly strong and has elite level ball skills. I grade him as a mid-major prospect and think he is a guy who could turn into a great college player if he falls into the right scheme and is given the ball in space.

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