Introducing Calvin Allen

Q & A with Albuequerque (NM) La Cueva DE Calvin Allen brings you a Q & A with the state's first student-athlete with a D1 scholarship offer, Calvin Allen from La Cueva HS...

PrepNewMexico: What is your current height and weight? 40 time?
"I am 6 feet 6 inches tall, 240 pounds and my 40 time was a 4.9."

What position did UNM offer you at? What did they tell you?
"New Mexico offered me at the defensive end position with a chance to play outside linebacker. They said that with my size they can mold me to play anny position that they need on the defensive side of the ball."

Have any other schools been in contact? If so, what have they said?
"Other schools have been in contact with coach Lucero asking him for my films and transcripts."

Do you have any camp plans this summer? What are they?
"As of right now I dont have any plans for camps but I will attend some junior days.

At this point, do you have any favorites ( in terms of choosing a school)?
"At this point, I do not have any favorites I will just make a decision on what's best for me and my family."

What factors will be important when choosing a college?
"The factors that are important to me are somewhere where I can get a good eduacation, the coaching staff, and the ability to play soon, not right away but soon."

Who are some names of players that people should watch next year at La Cueva?
"Chis Loidolt, John Boone, Michael Rose, and Zach Silva."

Do you have any aspirations of playing college basketball or are you a football guy only?
"I'm focusing on football and it's my priority and I plan on playing football in college."

What do you feel are your strengths as a player and what do you feel you need to work on?
"I'm going to work on my speed, strength and footwork to improve and become a better football player. Right now my strengths are my hands and the ability to read a play quickly."

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