Here's to Football

You can smell the football in the air, it's football time again.



It happens every year about this time.  The mornings are a little cooler, the nights seem to get here faster and the grass is turning green.  It's only a matter of time before you hear the sound of drums and the band marching onto the field.  It's the best time of year if you ask me.  Every kid in his heart thinks they might be on the verge of winning a state championship.  It's football season.  Here's to you all you football fans, coaches and players and to a great 2006 season.


Here's to the top quarterbacks in New Mexico like, Kevin Chavez, Riley Heagarty and Chris Voller.  Here's to you having a great season and your assault on the record books.


Here's to the top running backs in New Mexico like mighty might Brian Mead.  All of his 5'6 frame and his march toward a 2000 yard season.


Here's to the top wide receivers in New Mexico including 4 D1 prospects in CJ Oakley, Aaron Springer, Michael Scarlett and Rishard Matthews. 


Here's to all the big boys up front.  This might be the year of the lineman in New Mexico.  Michael Muniz, Omar Castillo, Steve Zuniga, Chance Robledo and Kyle Rodriguez all have all state abilities and D1 type talent.


Here's to all the guys on defense trying to stop these boys.  Brett Kennedy, Wes Byrd, Randy Franzoy, Joey Thrush, Bubba Forrest, Jamil Wilson.  Each one of these plays again has all state potential.


Here's to all the coaches, who have spent countless amounts of hours away from their families for a chance to compete with these young men.  Your efforts are appreciated and you are given around of applause.


Lastly, to all the little guys that are the true keepers of every program.  Every coach will tell you that the equipment man in the most important person in any program. 


Football season is finally upon us.  Go out and support all these young men.  High School football is truly still one of the greatest things about being a sports fan in America.

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