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Call for all basketball coaches, players and fans.

In an effort to keep bringing new information to our viewers we need your help.  This message goes out to all basketball coaches, players and fans.  We need your help to get stories. 

Coaches we would like to feature as many teams in a "Team Feature" that we possibly can.  All you need to do is email me that your interested and I will email you the questions.  Fill them out send them back and that's it.  Really a matter of minutes. 

We would also like to interview the top players from the state of New Mexico.  Coaches and parents again have your son or daughter email me and I will forward our standard 10 question Q and A.  Fill it out send it too me and I'll post it.  Again a matter of minutes. 

Finally we run a feature called "Wednesday Roundup" this is our weekly post to kind of tie up lose ends.  For this feature we like to hear all the things going from around the state.  Coaches if your team had a big win over the past week we want to hear about it.  If a kid broke a school record got a new offer whatever we want to post it for you.  Also we like the feel good stories that your program does each and every year.  For instance if your team goes and reads to elementary school kids or if they help feed the homeless during the holidays etc. 

Our overall feeling is that today's youth get a bad rap in the media.  We know there are more good kids out there than bad kids.  We will do anything in our power to post the good stories so that kids can get as much positive recognition as possible. 

Email me anytime

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