My Two Cents

Wrestling is a sport that seperates the men from the boys. In this week's my two cents I take a look at a great sport.

In all the years I've been involved with high school sports, some of the best guys to be around have always been wrestlers.  Wrestlers just seem to have a better understanding of just what it takes to be a successful person.  Take nothing away from any other sports out there, they are all great.  But there is something about wrestlers that makes them different. 

When I was in high school I never wrestled.  In fact I played football, basketball and baseball.  I never even went to a wrestling match on top of it.  I never understood why people were fascinated about it.  It wasn't until I became a teacher and coach myself until I fully understood why wrestling was different than all sports. 

My first year as a teacher I had a wrestling duty.  So I went and took a magazine with me to kind of pass time.  So the match started and I started reading my magazine, than I noticed the wrestling going on.  The more and more I watched the more and more I got drawn into the sport.  The idea that one person was facing off against one person.  No strings attatched, winner could only blame himself if he lost.  He couldn't blame the coach, his teammates his officals nothing.  The best thing that I noticed though was what happened after a kid lost.  After losing, a kid got up shook hands went over to the opposing coach to shake hands than went with his teammates who hugged hiim and told him nice job.  Before to long the kid who had just lost was cheering on his teammates.  To me that's what high school sports is all about.  Sure it's dissappointing to lose, but you get up and shake hands and get over it.  That's just like life, I was hooked.

Now in this line of profession when ever I can give wrestlers credit and some recognition I will.  If you have never been to a wrestling match I suggest you give it a try.  These kids are probably more dedicated to their sport than any other athletes on high school campuses.

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