2007 Player Spotlight: Mike Hatchcock

Aztec high school always features on of the most high powered offenses in the entire state. RB Mike Hathcock had a very good sophomore season and has two more years to show his stuff.

Aztec high school is one of the top programs in the entire state of New Mexico.  They bring a high powered offense to the table that rivals anyone in the state.  This past season they got a big contribution from one of the better sophomore players in New Mexico in running back Mike Hathcock.  The rest of New Mexico meet Mike.


NMInsiders.com:  What is your height, weight, 40 times, bench and squat?

Mike: I'm 5'9 Weight 185 40: 4.7 Bench: 275 Squat: 360


NMInsiders.com:  What honors did you receive this past season?

Mike: 2nd team all district as a running back and also all academic in our district 3.3 GPA


NMInsiders.com:  What were your stats from last season?

Mike: I rushed for 860 yards rushing plus a little more than 200 yards receiving.  I averaged about 8 yards a carry.  I also scored 14 total touchdowns


NMInsiders.com:  What was your best memory from this past season?

Mike: Just how close our team got as a group.  We faced some adversities in the beginning of the year but we got threw it all and ended up having a really good year.


NMInsiders.com:  What are you doing to prepare for next season?

Mike: Right now I wrestle which really helps me out with football.  After wrestling season I will lift all the time and run to stay in shape as well as get quicker. 


NMInsiders.com:  What are your strengths as a football player?

Mike: Probably my work ethic, I give everything I have in games and in practice.  I never give up and always try as hard as I can.


NMInsiders.com:  What are your weaknesses as a football player?

Mike: My size, I'm not as big as I would like to be but I hope to get bigger.


NMInsiders.com:  What do you like most about the game of football?

Mike: I love the entire game.  I love it all around, not one particular thing more than another I just love the whole thing.


NMInsiders.com:  Who is the best player you have ever played against?

Mike: Eric Varnell from Piedra Vista.  When we played against them he was amazing.  Some of the things I saw him do were amazing.


NMInsiders.com:  What are your aspirations as far as playing football in college?

Mike: That's my ultimate goal.  Ever since I was a little kid that's been my goal.  I don't really care where I just want a chance to play.


NMInsiders.com:  Name some teammate's people need to look out for next season?

Mike: Brian Lee WR, Derrick Williamson LB, Trevor Hammargren WR


NMInsiders.com:  What can we expect from your team next year?

Mike: You can expect us to make a serious run at state.  We know that's high expectations but that's what we work for every year. 


Mike is a sophomore who had a decent amount of success this past season.  As he gets bigger and stronger expect him to make a name for himself in the future.  We would like to thank Mike for his time.  Remember to check back in with NMInsiders.com for updates regarding Mike throughout the rest of the year.


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