2007 Player Spotlight: Jonathan Mader

Like we have said before 2007 may be the year of the QB. New Mexico meet one of the top returning signal callers next year, Cibola's stud Jonathan Mader.

We have said it before but 2007 appears to be the year of the QB in New Mexico.  Several prospects in the state should get looked at by colleges.  One of those guys is Cibola QB Jonathan Mader.  Mader and his teammates had a magical season in 2006 and they return good players that should make them one of the top teams next season.  We had a chance to talk with Mader, here's what he had to say.


NMInsiders.com:  What is your height, weight, 40 times, bench and squat?

Mader:  6-4, 200, not sure where I'm at on the rest.


NMInsiders.com:  What honors did you receive this past season?

Mader:  All-State honorable mention. 2nd team All-Metro. 1st team All-District. 1-5A District Player of the year. And multiple awards during the season.


NMInsiders.com:  What were your stats from last season?

Mader:  I played in 13 games passing for over 1600 yards. Threw for 19 touchdowns. I also had 430 yards rushing, with 7 rushing touchdowns. My team made it to the semi-finals with a record of 10-3.


NMInsiders.com:  What was your best memory from this past season?

Mader:  The arrival of the Judge! And becoming a team that overcame all odds to succeed. We set the foundation for future players. We started a tradition of excellence in the football program at Cibola. And just becoming a family with players and coaches in such a little time. I wouldn't want it any other way.


NMInsiders.com:  What are you doing to prepare for next season?

Mader:  I am currently playing basketball for the cougars. But I still have football workouts everyday during school. We weight lift and do a number of agility drills for about an hour and a half 5 days a week. I also plan on attending numerous football camps this off-season. From the Nike Combine to the camps held by universities. I want to try and get the most work in as possible.


NMInsiders.com:  What are your strengths as a football player?

Mader:  I feel like I have a natural feel for the game. And I'm not gonna to back down from any challenge. I feel like I have what it takes to make my team win, but at the same time there are things I need to improve to make it to the next level.


NMInsiders.com:  What are your weaknesses as a football player?

Mader:  I feel I made some poor decisions last year on the field. I will overcome those this year. I need to get stronger; I need to improve my quickness. I need to become a better leader. This is my last year, last chance for everything.


NMInsiders.com:  What do you like most about the game of football?

Mader:  I love the competitiveness that it brings. The excitement that everyone gets before a game. And I like the pressure my position gets. I'm the one everyone counts on. It's a good feeling.


NMInsiders.com:  Who is the best player you have ever played against?

Mader:  That's a hard one. With all the great players out there, it's hard to just come up with one. But coming from a personal standpoint, I'm gonna have to say my good friend Marcus Williams from Rio Rancho. We play against each other in football and basketball. He's got a lot of speed that can kill you, plus that fact he can jump. A true playmaker in both sports.


NMInsiders.com:  What are your aspirations as far as playing football in college?

Mader:  That's been my goal since I started playing football. Watching great players play on Saturday, its inspiration. So many players want to play at that next level, but so little get the chance to. I'm gonna do everything I can do to play at that next level. And hopefully I'm blessed with the opportunity.


NMInsiders.com:  Name some teammate's people need to look out for next season?

Mader:  There are so many good players returning next season, but just to name a few.

Chase Bennison, RB – Chase was one of the top running backs in the state last season. Look for him to run, block, and maybe even catch a few passes out of the backfield next year.

Brent Jorgensen, WR – Brent didn't see much action till late last season. Not to worry, this season he'll be getting plenty of touches. With his blazing speed, he is by far the fastest player on the field.

Brandon Simpson, WRBrandon has the best hands on the team. Known for his height and leaping ability, Brandon will back making impossible catches look easy.

Mycah Huitron, RB/WR – Mycah missed half of last season due to a knee injury. With the depth at the Running back spot next year; look for Mycah to use his athleticism at the wide receiver position.

Indiana Jones, LB – Yes, that is his name. Indiana came into last year and made a name for himself, literally. His work ethic and leadership drives the defense. He will be all over the field next year. Also look for him to sneak into the offence's huddle once and awhile to block next season.

Andrew Medina, LB – Andrew is the strongest in the weight room. His love for the game is obvious. Right beside Indiana next season, nobody should get by these two.

Corey Roybal, DT/DE – Corey had to work harder then anybody to secure his position last season. He started the season on JV. That didn't last longer then a few days of proving himself in two-a-day practices. Look for him to make key stops in the trenches next season.

Terrence Motley, OT – Terrence knows he's gonna be the anchor of our offensive line next season. He's been known for having the most pancakes (knocking somebody over) since freshman season. I like to reward him by taking him down to IHop after the game. Haha

Rio Mares, DT/OTRio is the biggest kid I've ever met. We've been playing football together since we were youngins in YAFL. The 6-5, 340 pound kid is working this off-season by playing basketball for the cougars. Oh yeah, did I mention he's gonna be a junior?


NMInsiders.com:  What can we expect from your team next year?

Mader:  A big experienced family with lots of heart and talent. WATCH OUT!


NMInsiders.com would like to thank Jonathan for his time.  We also would like to wish him and all of his teammates best of luck next season.  Remember to check back with NMInsiders.com for updates regarding Jonathan over the next several months.


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