Tale of the Tape: Ruben Martinez

Ruben Martinez from Los Alamos high school had a great junior year rushing for more than 1400 yards and scoring 24 total touchdowns. Come inside to see our evaluation. Coaches, Players or Parents, have a player you want us to evaluate? Email me: newmexicoinsider@yahoo.com

Ruben Martinez from Los Alamos high school is one of the better players returning in the state of New Mexico for the 2007 season.  We had a chance to write up a video evaluation of Ruben to see what he brings to the table.  Come inside to see.


Tape: Highlights from every game of the 2006 season.



Height: 6'1

Weight: 205

Bench: 305

40: 4.6


2006 Honors:

Ruben rushed for more than 1400 yards and scored 24 total touchdowns, earning 1st team all district honors.



Ruben had a great junior season.  After bouncing back from an injury during his sophomore year Ruben really showed no effects from that injury.  He had a very impressive year statistically and with his size to speed ratio it will be interesting to see what colleges think of his abilities.



Ruben does have good size.  He is listed at 6'1 and 205 pounds from watching film that size looks legit.  He is also a strong runner and having a 305 bench I'm sure helps in that aspect.  Ruben is a in between the tackles type of a runner and he has enough speed to take it to the house at the high school level.  He is really the type of fullback that high school coaches love to have.   Big mean and good enough speed to make some serious noise.



While Ruben has good speed it's not great speed.  In high school he can make 60 yard touchdown runs in college that won't happen.  Also for a fullback he doesn't really block that much.  Now most of that appears to be because of the scheme of the offense, I have no doubt that he could be an effective blocker but he just doesn't have the film to back it up. 



Ruben is a very good football player.  He can run for a guy his size and he shows good determination with the ball in his hands.  I think his best chance of playing football at the next level might actually be as an outside linebacker.  Fullbacks aren't really used as much as they used to be anymore, more and more teams are going to spread offenses or they use more of an H-Back type of a player.  Because of that it's very difficult for fullbacks to get scholarship opportunities.


Bottom Line:

Ruben is a great high school football player.  The type of kid that coaches on both sides of the ball can build around.  He has good speed for his size and tackles well on defense.  He has some issues on tape that scouts will take into consideration.  One being that he's a true fullback and he's to short to play TE or H-Back at the next level, that's why I think outside linebacker might end up being his best bet.  Right now I would say he's a 1AA or a DII type of a prospect.

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