Tale of the Tape: Jonathan Mader

Our breakdown of one of the top QB's in New Mexico this season.

Jonathan Mader from Cibola high school in New Mexico heads into the season as one of the top quarterbacks.  Mader has great size at 6'4 and he also runs really well.  With that being said several schools have come in to take a look.  Here's our breakdown of Mader.


Tape: Two full game tapes from the 2006 season, highlight tape from junior season.



Height: 6'4

Weight: 205


2006 Honors:

All State Honorable Mention, 2nd team all metro, 1st team all district, 5A District 1 offensive player of the year.



When looking at quarterbacks scouts usually look for several things.  Arm strength, accuracy, athletic abilities, mechanics and leadership qualities.  We were really interested to see how Mader measures in all of these things. 



Mader has great size, he's reported size of 6'4 205 is the real deal.  His frame appears to be one that could easily hold another 10 to 15 pounds with ease.  Mader is a great athlete; he routinely makes plays with his feet.  For his size he runs really well, at the high school level he can take it from just about anywhere on the field. He also is asked to throw the ball on the run a great deal of the time, he does this pretty well.  Lastly, Mader is the leader of the Cibola team hands down. 



One of the negatives is that Mader's mechanics sometimes aren't that great.  He will sometimes let his elbow get out in front of his body which almost causes him to flick the ball as though he was throwing a dart.  Sometimes this isn't an issue, when he does things like throw on the run, other times it is an issue.  Mader has a good arm but not a great arm.  He gets the job done.



Mader is the real deal.  He is probably the 2nd best quarterback prospect in New Mexico this season.  Mader has great size and is a great athlete on top of that.


Bottom Line:

Okay here's the bottom line.  Mader is a big time high school player.  He's a great athlete and runs really well for his size.  Mader's mechanics can sometimes get erratic but he also plays in a wing-T style of offense which really doesn't ask him to take a 5 step drop and throw the ball down the field.  Recruiting quarterbacks is sometimes a tricky deal; lots of schools won't offer a kid unless they personally see the kid throw live and in person.  With all that being said, I think Mader is a kid that can play at the D1 level.  Right now I don't think he can play at a high major level but I do think some mid major type schools will be interested.


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