Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!!!

We take a day off from football talk to tell all the fathers..........Thanks for everything you have ever done for us.

At PrepNewMexico.com we wanted to take a day to thank all the fathers out there.


For me father's day has taken on a new meaning the last couple of years.  In those years I have been fortunate enough to have two beautiful baby boys born into my family and being a father is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.  I was fortunate enough to play sports in high school and in college.  I have lived out dreams that I've had since I was a kid, like coaching college football.  But none of that compares to that feeling I had the first day I held my two sons.  The day both Michael and Gabriel were born I finally realized what life was all about.  It made me realize what my dad has meant to me. 


My dad taught me a whole lot of things.  He taught me things I thought were so important.  Like how to shoot a free throw, hit a 4 iron, cut the grass, pitch a tent and start a camp fire just to name a few.  But I realize now that when I was young those things were important, but he taught me more than that.  He taught me how to work for a living and to not make excuses for doing things wrong.  He always said he would do anything for me and my brother, I never really believed him until I became a father myself.  I remember being taken out of school early to go and watch a state championship football game, traveling to other cities for a chance to play T-Ball or when my dad started a basketball league in our hometown so kids could play.    Being a mans man type of a guy I don't tell my dad "sissy type stuff" like he would say.  But dad (Henry) from all of your family, Lupe, Mike, Mark, Jessica, Michael and Gabriel; we love you!  Happy father's day.


There are lots of great fathers out there, so today we salute you.  I'm just fortunate enough to be able to post my thoughts on the net.  So to all the dad's out there we salute you for teaching us…………..


To throw a curveball

Dig a trench

Do a cannonball


Pitch a tent

Bar-b-que (or at least try to)

How to slide

How to ride a bike

To shuffle cards

Not to be afraid of the ball

Not to be afraid of the dark

Build a sand castle

Plant a tree

Not to cry in front of a girl


Plus a million other things………………..we give all of you a standing ovation, here's to hoping that in 20 years my kids look at me the same way I look at my dad.





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