RB Rankings: #2 Ruben Martinez

With our #2 pick we selct Ruben Martinez from Los Alamos. Ruben is more of a fullback type of a player but he had a monster junior year and is ready for a big time senior season. Come inside and check out his highlight tape. You'll see Ruben's great speed and also his stong leg as a punter.

We are now down to the top two RB's for the 2007 season.  At number two we select Los Alamos RB Ruben Martinez.  Martinez plays mainly as a fullback in high school and he had a monster junior campaign. 


As a junior Martinez rushed for more than 1100 yards and 22 touchdowns, he also was dynamic as a return man and should really make a push for at least 1800 yards this season.  Last season Ruben used his speed to outrun other players and just his size and strength to manhandle others.  Standing 6'1 and 205 pounds Martinez has the size that teams really look for.  Running in the 4.55 range he also has the speed to take it the distance at the high school level. 


From a recruiting standpoint I really feel as though Ruben's best shot is as a linebacker.  His size and speed really give him an advantage at that position.  He is good enough to play fullback at certain schools but more and more teams are going away from that true fullback and going to more of an H Back type of a player.  For that H-Back player Martinez is too short, most of those players checking in at the 6'4 range. 


Also, as mentioned before Martinez is a heck of a punter averaging more than 40 yards a punt.  He has to work on some things like form and directional punting but his leg strength is there. 


Martinez is ready for a big senior season, he has been out to several camps to get his name out there including, Colorado, Arizona State, New Mexico and he will also be attending New Mexico State soon. 


Here are some video clips from Ruben's junior season.


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