Tale of the Tape: Justin Dugger

Today we have a video evaluation of La Cueva LB Justin Dugger. Dugger brings great speed to the LB spot and also plays with a great motor. He already has an early offer at this point. Come inside and read the evaluation. Also take a look at Justin's highlight video and see the speed we are talking about.

One can make an argument that Justin Dugger LB from La Cueva is the top LB in the state next season.  Dugger has an early offer from Army and is out hitting the camp trail to get his name out there.  Dugger has good size at 6'1 and 210 pounds but he has really good speed.  Here is our evaluation on Dugger.


Tape: Highlight tape from his junior season



Height: 6'1

Weight: 210


2006 Honors: As a junior Justin recorded 102 tackles, 4 sacks and 1 interception on the season.  For his efforts he was voted 1st team all district as a LB and 2nd team all district as a RB.  He was also given the award of defensive player of the year for La Cueva HS


Breakdown: When watching film for LB things to watch for are; speed, ability to tackle, recognition, angles to the defender, hip drive as well as many others.  Dugger has a self reported 40 time of 4.5 and that is one thing I was looking for when watching the tape. 


Positives:  Dugger's size is legit.  On film his size looks to be legit.  I have seen Dugger in person and his reported size of 6'1 and 210 pounds appears to be legit.  He also has a frame to hold another 10 pounds or so and he will be fine.  Let's get this out there right now, Dugger can run.  I don't care what his 40 time is; he can flat out move for a LB.  Dugger plays sideline to sideline and he also takes very good angles to the ball carrier.  Justin is a very sound tackler and shows decent leg drive. 


Negatives: Every player out there has things he needs to work on.  Dugger is a sound tackler but he doesn't seem to be real heavy, meaning not every hit he makes is explosive.  Every once in awhile Dugger will hop once the play starts instead of just making his read and going, lots of times that one split second of hesitation could end up meaning the difference between a 3 yard gain or a 3 yard loss.


Overall: I think Dugger is the real deal.  He plays with good pad level and his speed really separates him from other LB's.  He is a very good tackler and also has a good motor.  On several plays Justin runs down ball carriers when he easily could have jogged to take a play off.  He doesn't do that and like I said before lots of times he runs guys down because of his hustle.


Bottom Line:  As we reported a few weeks ago, Dugger already has an offer from Army.  Right now I think Dugger is a mid major type kid.  His speed at the LB position will allow him to get some looks.  I wouldn't be surprised if mid major level schools get in the mix and I also wouldn't be surprised if a major D1 school comes in late in the recruiting process.  I will also say that Dugger is hands down the #1 LB prospect in New Mexico.


Here are junior clips of Justin Dugger: 





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