Ruben Martinez chats about his 1st offer

Ruben Martinez is one of the top players in the state of New Mexico. Martinez got his 1st offer last week and it happens to be from a local school. We had a chance to chat with Martinez to see how that offer makes him feel, also take a look at his highlight tape.

Ruben Martinez standout RB and LB from Los Alamos HS (NM) received his first offer last week; that offer coming from the Aggies of New Mexico State.  Martinez has good size standing 6'1 and weighing 210 pounds, he also runs really well for a guy that size.  We had a chance to chat with Martinez to gather his thoughts about his first offer and also to catch up with the recruiting process in general.  How were you offered?

Ruben: I went to their three day air raid camp a couple of weeks ago.  They had talked to me a lot before hand and the funny thing is that I was the only RB that was at the camp.  That got me a lot of one on one time with Coach Wilson, so we got really close.  Plus they are really starting to turn things around.  They are getting lots of new stuff in the program.  Like facilities and I really feel like they are up and coming.  At the camp I was able to show them that I can really catch the ball, I don't get a chance to do that to much in our offense that we run at Los Alamos.  I'm planning a visit with them on the 21st of July.  I really like the city, coaches and the facilities.  Coach Wilson gave me the offer.  How does it make you feel that New Mexico State thinks that highly of you?

Ruben: It makes me feel really excited.  I'm proud of myself and I really don't feel any pressure for our upcoming season.  I feel really happy and it feels good to be recognized, I just want to now go out and play football.  Which coach is currently recruiting you?

Ruben: Wilson is the recruiting me now.  I went down to the camp and because I had the one on one with Coach Wilson everything went really well.  He and I get along and I really like him a lot he's a really cool guy.  What do you like about New Mexico State?

Ruben: I really like their facilities, after this season they are getting a new 4 story pressbox, this season they are getting a new scoreboard.  While that doesn't really effect me to much it does show me that they are committed to getting bigger and they feel like bigger things are coming there way.  I also really like there offense, I think I can do some things in that style because of my abilities to catch the ball.  When are you going to decide on your school of choice?

Ruben: Right now I thinking probably late July probably before my season starts.  What other schools are you currently hearing from?

Ruben: Right now I'm hearing from Army and Air Force and also New Mexico.  I'm hearing mostly from Air Force, they sent in a recruiter.  Coach Rocky Long from New Mexico talked to me, New Mexico said they wanted to wait a couple of games into my senior season before they offer.  Who are your top 5 schools?

Ruben: New Mexico State, New Mexico, Missouri (Because of my mom!), Arizona State and UTEP.


Look for more on Ruben in the near future, also look to for a story once Ruben decides on his school of choice. 


Here are video clips of Ruben in action.



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