Top 50 Players: #7 Matthew Sandoval

When making our list we had a problem. Should we rank based on prospects? Or players on the field? We kind of tried to do both. With that being said Sandoval comes in at #7. From a prospect standpoint he's probably not in the top 50. But on the field, you can make an argument that he might be in the top 1 or 2.

Coming in at #7 is Matthew Sandoval from Mayfield. Sandoval might be little in height but he plays big on the field.


They say it's not the size of dog in the fight; it's the size of fight in the dog.  No other player in all of New Mexico exemplifies that more than Mayfield's Matt Sandoval.


Because of Matt's size or lack thereof Sandoval will have a hard time being recruited.  Coming in at 5'6 and 155 pounds, college coaches probably won't look twice.  That's a real shame because on the field he might be the most important player in the state.  A lot of other players on our list do have that ideal size that coaches are looking for.  That's fine, but on the field Sandoval is a man amongst boys.  Leading his team to an undefeated state championship as a junior Sandoval has earned this ranking.


As a junior Matt rushed for 1143 yards and 11 touchdowns, that's a heck of year for a running back let alone a QB.  Throwing the ball he threw for 1066 yards and 6 touchdowns, for a grand total of 2143 total yards and 17 total touchdowns.  Not to mention the heart and soul of the offense. 


Here's to you Matt, one last year of being the states best little big man on campus.

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