Player Spotlight: Dante Caro

Las Cruces has been one of the hottest teams in the state this season. Last week we introduced you to one of their studs in RB James Hall, today meet Dante Caro. Caro has switched from WR to be one of the states top QB's.

Las Cruces to this point of the season is still undefeated.  They have jumped out to a very impressive 5-0 record.  With out a doubt the talents of this team is finally starting to play together on the field.  Last week we introduced you to one of their outstanding athletes in RB James Hall.  Today we bring you another one of their great athletes in QB Dante Carro.  Here's what he had to say. What is your best memory from this season?

Carro: So far, just seeing the success of our team this season and how we have continued to improve week by week. What do you like most about the game of football?

Carro The energy and hard work you put in that leads to the game and the family like atmosphere with your teammates. How is the transition from playing QB compared to playing WR?

Carro The transition wasn't very hard.  The QB has a lot more responsibility that I enjoy having and WR is a little more difficult for me to pick up. Which position do you like better? Why?

Carro For right now I like QB better obviously, but I definitely see myself playing WR in the future, like college for example. Who is the best player you have ever played against?  Why?

Carro I don't remember his name, but he played for Eldorado last year and he was #8.  He played linebacker and fullback, he had size and he was all over the field all game even though we were up by a lot he never quit.  I like that never say die attitude in a player. What has been the main difference for Las Cruces this season compared to last season?

Carro I think our mindset as a team and the play of our big men up front is outstanding right now.  I like to call them the real men of the team. What are your goals as far as playing football in college?

Carro Playing college football is definitely one of my big goals for the future.  I would really like to be playing at a D-1 school in college but I will worry about that a little later on. What do you think your chances are this season as a team to win a state title.

Carro So far I think our chances are great.  That has been our main goal since the start of our off season about a week after our season ended last year.  It definitely hasn't changed. would like to thank Dante for his time and also wish him the best of luck the rest of the season.

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