Team of the Week: Clovis Wildcats

Artesia and Clovis played their game on national TV and they didn't disappoint. Clovis pulled off the upset and is our selection as team of the week.

Team of the Week


Clovis Wildcats


To be 100% honest how can we have picked anyone else besides Clovis?  Not only did they beat a great Artesia team but they beat them on national TV.  Look call it like it is, Landry Jones was the only reason this game was featured on ESPN.  Every game they have televised this season has had a major recruit playing in it.  It was a chance for the nation to see Jones play in person in a game situation, that's the premise behind these games. 


Even though ESPN wanted Jones and Artesia to be the main focus of the ball game, someone forgot to tell that to Clovis.  In our game preview we thought Artesia just had to many weapons and to much speed.  We also thought that the key Clovis was their run game and if they could keep it close to win it late.  Clovis was down 24-14 in the fourth quarter when their run game took over.  RB Manuel Robles rushed for three touchdowns and Scott McMath added two rushing scores of his own as the Wildcats pulled the upset 35-31. 


Jones threw for 300 yards and 1 touchdown he also ran for 2 touchdowns, but the problem was his two interceptions he threw.  Artesia also got scores from Derrick Montoya and Caylan Hutson caught the Jones touchdown pass. 


The biggest winner of this game is New Mexico high school football.  New Mexico HS football proved they do have elite level players.  While we might not have the amount of elite level players that other states around the nation do, New Mexico does play good high school football.


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