Game Preview: Las Cruces vs. Mayfield

This was an easy pick for game of the week and to be honest probably pick for game of the year to this point. #1 vs. #2 rival vs rival. This game should be fun to watch. Which team will win? Come inside to see our thoughts.

Las Cruces vs. Mayfield

This game is probably the game of the year. Both of these teams are legit title contenders they feature all state type athletes and they are extremely well coached.

Mayfield has been the best of the best for some time now. Their run game is just dynamic and is almost impossible to stop. What they are able to accomplish has been simply amazing. They have only one loss on the season but like we've said before that loss was to a team from Texas, they haven't lost to a team from New Mexico in almost two and a half years. Over the course of the year they have beaten great teams like Clovis, La Cueva and Manzano and have simply dominated most of their opponents.

Las Cruces has been amazing so far this year. The state really took notice when they beat Artesia in an amazing game. James Hall has lived up to the billing as one of the elite level playmakers in the state. His shiftiness is unmatched and his overall athleticism makes him special. Dante Caro has been just as good for Cruces and has really become a threat since moving to the QB position. His feet makes teams stay honest and in vanilla fronts because of his ability to run with the football.

This game should be fun to watch and be apart of. Of course a huge crown is expected to see this game. In our pick for game of the year we don't really want to pick a winner on this one. But since we always pick a winner here you go. We'll love Mayfield and their style of play but there is something to about this Las Cruces team that makes you feel like they are just special this season. We'll take Las Cruces 28-24.

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