Game Preview: Los Alamos vs. Moriarty

All season long Los Alamos has had a great record but most people question their strength of schedule. This is their chance to prove how good they are.

Los Alamos vs. Moriarty

Game against two teams that really like to run the football.

Los Alamos must feel like Rodney Dangerfield because, "they get no respect". All they did was lose one game all season. They beat every other team that they lined up against. So why the disrespect? Most fans will tell you it's because they played a very weak schedule that doesn't really give a true sense of who they are. That might be true but to me they beat opponents that were put in front of them. If you don't like their schedule complain to the administration it's not the kids fault. I'm not sure how battle tested they are but they are very good.

Much was expected of Moriarty this season. We had them ranked in the top 10 in the preseason and for good reason. They had a huge 2006 season and they returned enough talent to be taken as a serious team. For some reason they got off to a slow start but it was only a matter of time before all that talent got going. They have had a very good second half of the season and appear to be ready at the right time.

This game could be really interesting. Los Alamos has to prove they can beat teams that are just as good as they are. Moriarty has the talent but it depends on which team shows up. I'll go with Los Alamos in a good one 24-21.

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