5A Player of the Year: Matt Sandoval

Matt Sandoval is our selection for player of the year in 5A. What he does for Mayfield is unreal and while he might not be the big time college prospect, he just might be the best "player" in this state.

5A Player of the Year

Matt Sandoval QB Mayfield

When it comes to high school legends in the state of New Mexico, Matt Sandoval might be one of the best of all time. What he was able to accomplish as the QB for the Trojans is almost unmatched. He might not be the biggest guy in the world, heck is not the biggest guy on his team, but he is a great football player.

A QB isn't measured just in numbers or in scholarship offers. Everyone remembers QB's by how many titles did they win. Sandoval led Mayfield in three consecutive titles. He is without a doubt the leader of the team and what he is able to accomplish on the field is really a tribute to how hard he plays the game of football. Mayfield runs the option, which some will say is an old school offense. That may be true, but it still works if you have a smart QB that understands the offense and his role in that offense. Sandoval does that better than anyone in recent memory.

From a college standpoint Sandoval will probably get overlooked because of his height, but which ever school gives him a chance will be getting a tremendous player with a ton of heart.


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