Q & A with Los Alamos RB Raul Rodriguez

Los Alamos HS is a team that loves to pound the football and grind out games using a dynamic ground game. The last two years, that ground game has been led by Raul Rodriguez. We had a chance to chat with the dynamic speedster, here's what he had to say.

Over the last couple of season, Los Alamos HS has really been a school that has a great regular season but fall short come playoff time. They are a dynamic run team that year in and year out produce top level backs. FB/LB Ruben Martinez will graduate this year and will take his game on to New Mexico State. With him gone, someone will have to step up to be the leader and heart and soul of this program. One player, who will try and do that and has the talent to do it, will be RB Raul Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a very good RB that has breakaway speed and has shown he can handle the pounding. We had a chance to chat with Rodriguez a few days ago, to see how things are going. Here's what he had to say.

PrepNewMexico.com: What is your height, weight, 40 times, bench and squat?

Rodriguez: My height is 5'11, weight 185, 40 time 4.5, bench is 300, but I have not tested my squat yet.

PrepNewMexico.com: What honors did you receive this past season?

Rodriguez: All-state has not come out yet but I received 1st team all-district and team MVP.

PrepNewMexico.com: What were your stats from last season?

Rodriguez: As a sophomore I rushed for 1194 yards and as a Junior I rushed for 1330 yards.

PrepNewMexico.com: What was your best memory from this past season?

Rodriguez: The game we won on homecoming because our team won 30 to 0 and I rushed for 241 yards.

PrepNewMexico.com: What are you doing to prepare for next season?

Rodriguez: I have been lifting every day after school and running.

PrepNewMexico.com: What are your strengths as a football player?

Rodriguez: I think my strengths are my speed, catching ability, and my vision with the holes and the way I use my blockers.

PrepNewMexico.com: What are your weaknesses as a football player?

Rodriguez: My strength is not where I would like it to be and my experience isn't either, but I am working hard to get better in those areas. Although I have been on Varsity since I was a Freshman I still have much to learn and much more potential.

PrepNewMexico.com: What do you like most about the game of football?

Rodriguez: How fun it is and how exciting the game is. The feeling is like nothing else when you're on the field making big plays. For that short amount of time I am the happiest person on earth, there is nothing else like it.

PrepNewMexico.com: Who is the best player you have ever played against?

Rodriguez: It would most likely have to be Kirby Wheeler

PrepNewMexico.com: What are your aspirations as far as playing football in college?

Rodriguez: I would like to get D1 scholarship and have already sent out over 50 highlight tapes to schools across the nation.

PrepNewMexico.com: Name some teammate's people need to look out for next season?

Rodriguez: Zack Mange

PrepNewMexico.com: What can we expect from your team next year?

Rodriguez: That our team goes deep in the play offs.

We really would like to thank Raul Rodriguez for his time and also wish him the best of luck in the future. We will be posting a highlight video of Rodriguez soon, make sure you continue to check with PrepNewMexico.com for year long coverage of high school football.

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