Top LB 2008: Zach Drapeau

Zach Drapeau from Rio Rancho is our selection as the top LB in New Mexico heading into the 2008 season. We will be selecting one player at every position alternating between the offense and defense, all week long.

When makes a great linebacker? A great linebacker is more than just how does he run and hit. The running and hitting part is a major piece but it's not the only piece. A LB needs to also be smart enough to make the defensive calls and adjustments that a particular defense might need on a particular play. If a QB is the coach on the field for the offense, so is the middle linebacker for the defense. Typically at the high school level, the "mike" backer is responsible for putting his teammates in the right call and check into something different if they need it. Over the next couple of days we are going to announce our "Top Position Players", alternating between defense and offense. We start that off today with our pick for the top LB in the state heading into the 2008 season. Our selection for the top LB in the state of New Mexico is Rio Rancho stud Zach Drapeau.

What can you say about Drapeau? He has really good size at 6'2 and 215, pretty good speed running in the 4.8 range, plus a non stop motor. As a sophomore you could see his talent but you also could tell that he need some seasoning, he tried to make every single play and sometimes took himself out of position because of it. As a junior when I watched his tape (Video Evaluation soon coming), he plays more under controlled but at the same time, his motor still runs a million miles an hour, last season he ran all over the field and totaled 147 total tackles and 2.5 sacks for a very good Rio Rancho defense. This next season if he continues to play as well as he has in the past; and with his size and speed ratio he should have the opportunity to play in college. Last time we talked to Drapeau we were told that Air Force was showing major interest in him at this point. We will try and get in touch with Zach again for a "recruiting update" and remember we will have a "Tale of the Tape" written up about him soon.

Other LB's that we considered

Dallas Bollema – Artesia

Lane Ward – Clovis

Zach Daugherty – Onate

Eli Finch – Piedra Vista

Ben Livingston – Aztec

Zach Mang – Los Alamos

Brandon SolomonHobbs

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