Video Evaluation: Ty Johnson

We give you our thoughts on Johnson as a DE prospect.

Hobbs HS (NM) last season featured two potential college football players in Reese Franklin and Shon Mitchell.  This year the Eagles appear ready to have a big season, led by a great senior class.  This year's senior class is lead by Juhreece Thompson, Brandon Solomon and Ty Johnson.  We have posted video on all three of these young men in the past and also video evaluations.  Today we take a look at Mr. Johnson's game and give you our thoughts on his strengths and weaknesses.

As a DE he does a great job of keeping his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage.  I also felt he does a good job of using his hands to create separation and also to keep leverage.  He plays with a high motor but is disciplined enough to keep his containment and read his keys that are assigned to him.

He's short and a little light in the pants to play DE in college.  He isn't as explosive in the pass rush area, better against the run.  Sometimes he plays high out of his stance, but he is strong enough to get away with this in HS.  I also feel that on occasion he will play under his pads not behind them, which causes him to play with a high pad level.

Ty Johnson is a very good HS football player.  Last season as a DE he was productive and voted all district.  He is going to try and make the move to MLB this season, which will be good for him if he has success.  He has good size at 6'2 225 and good speed running in the 4.7 range, but teams are going to want to see him on film as a LB before they offer.

Bottom Line
From a recruiting standpoint, all we can talk about is his play as a DE.  As a DE because of his size he is probably a JC type prospect right now.  Depending on his grades I could see some NAIA or DIII schools getting involved.  He is going to make a move to play MLB which fits his size and speed ratio a little better from a recruiting standpoint.  I hope to get some film of him playing MLB after the first few games of the season so we can evaluate him as a LB prospect.


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