Offensive player of the year?

We tag six players as possible offensive player of the year this season. Which six are they? Come inside and check it out. We name six than give you a brief rundown of why they may deserve the award.

The following is a list of players that will be up for offensive player of the year in New Mexico this season.  In all honesty this is the first time in the last two years that there is debate.  The last two years the award went to Artesia QB Landry Jones, it was hard to argue with his statistics that he put up and also with how productive a player he was for Artesia.  This season is different any one of the players on this list could end up winning the award; you can make a legit argument for each one.  Here is our pool of candidates so far.

Bryscon King – QB Aztec
Statistically speaking it's hard to argue against King.  He has thrown for over 3600 yards this season with an amazing 46 touchdowns compared to only 9 interceptions.  The sky is the limit for this kid; with the offense that Aztec has every year he could make a run at throwing for over 10,000 yards by the time his high school career is over.  I'm not sure if he will be in the same level as Landry Jones because of his lack of size compared to Jones, but he will put up numbers that may end up being more impressive.  If he leads his team to a state title the award may be his for the taking.

James Hall Jr. – RB Las Cruces
Hall has been a man among boys this season.  So far he has rushed for over 1700 yards and scored 23 total touchdowns.  If you add in that he has close to 300 yards receiving he is closing in on 2000 total yards for the year, and that's not including his kick return yardage.  Very few times in high school sports will you see a player actually live up the hype that is surrounding a player.  That is not the case with Hall.  If you ask coaches around the state, which player do you worry about facing the most, the most common answer is James Hall.

Dante Caro – QB Las Cruces
Caro has also lived up the hype.  While his passing numbers aren't as crazy as King's his ability to run the football sets him apart from most other signal callers in the state.  What he does in the open field is really enjoyable to watch.  He is really a playmaker and will go down as one of the best QB's to ever lace them up in New Mexico.

Troy Harris – RB Rio Rancho
Harris has been amazing this season.  We said in the beginning of the year that the one player that could move up by the end of the season was Harris and boy were we right on with that one.  He has been a real home run threat for the Rams; on the season he rushed for over 1900 yards and was also stellar catching the ball out of the backfield.  He came into the year as a relative unknown because he backed up Marcus Williams last season but he quickly made a name for himself this season.

Jacob Ceniceros – RB Mayfield
Ceniceros won't lead the state in rushing this season but you can make a legit argument that he may have had he not missed a few games earlier in the year due to injury.  What he does with the ball in his hands is truly special.  He is hard to pick up because of his 5'6 frame, but he runs hard has great vision and enough speed to take it the distance.

Jeff Belin – QB Kirtland Central
This is probably the biggest surprise on the list so far.  He really did come out of nowhere to have a phenomenal season.  Statistically speaking he put up numbers that were just as impressive as King.  He did a great job of leading the Broncos in their first year of a wide open style of offense.

There are several other players that deserve to be mentioned as possible offensive player of the year.  So many players had tremendous seasons, but in all honesty it will probably come down to one of these six candidates for the final selection.  I know that this list only has players from the 4A and 5A ranks, for that we apologize.  I guess the award should be for "big school" offensive player of the year.  We know there are others that deserve to be mentioned but out of these six, who is most deserving?

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