Recruiting 101

In our next part in our recruiting 101 segments, we talk about having realistic expectations and how important that is in the recruiting process. Free story so talk it up on the boards.

Recruiting 101
With signing day now a few weeks gone by, we will continue along our pieces dealing with recruiting questions.  Today's question deals with realistic expectations.

Speaking as a person that has been involved in the recruiting arena in three different areas now, I can't begin to tell you the importance of having realistic expectations of your abilities.  Not everyone can be a BCS level player; as a matter of fact very few will ever have that opportunity.  Think about he Pac 10 this past recruiting season.  In all between the 10 different schools a total of 218 kids were signed and given scholarships.  That might sound like a big number but in reality when you remember that the majority of these kids played in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.  What you notice is just how hard it is to be one of the standouts or top "200" players between those states.

In all honesty if a player is a legit BCS level player, it doesn't matter where you are currently playing high school football.  Last time I checked Landry Jones played in New Mexico and he was a national elite level recruit.

The frustrating part of recruiting is all the rejection.  If you send your tape out to 100 different schools you may be lucky to get five schools show you legit interest.  That's hard to come to terms with.  Doesn't mean that you aren't any good, just means that for whatever reasons those schools aren't interested.  However, if your expectations are realistic, you might not waster your time.

Legit interest, that's another thing that needs to be discussed.  The first letter I ever got was from a 1AA program.  I was so excited but when I went online and looked at the size of their players at my position I quickly came back down to earth.  My old high school coach, used to be a college coach and he explained to me that my name was probably on some list they got and I am on their mailing list.  I sent in all of things they asked for but in reality I was a 5'11 235 guard.  I was all conference and all that kind of stuff but I was no where near a 1AA type player.  I ended up going the JUCO route and than went on to play at an NAIA school.  It wasn't the big time, but I had most of my education paid for and I was able to continue playing the game that I love.

The recruiting process is one that is hard to understand and one that is very frustrating.  However, if you have realistic expectations on the level of ability you can play, you will have more success and get a better feel.  I would also tell you to watch your tape, objectively and compare that tape to others around the nation at your same position.  I try and do this with our comparison pieces.  Not to single anyone out, but to compare prospects and get a feel for what schools are looking for.

If you want your tape on our site and if you want to have your tape compared with others from around the western states than send it to me and we can get that done.  We will start that process over the next few months and it makes for good discussion and interesting debate.




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