The latest with Tanner Ireland

Sandia safety checks in to tell us which two small schools have extended an offer.

One of the hardest things to gauge in a football player is his ability to lead and to direct his fellow teammates on the field and in the community.  If you can find a player that can do those things and be good on the football field, you have really good player in front of you.  Since those things can't be measured or can't be timed sometimes those types of players will get overlooked with regards to scholarship opportunities.

Sandia stud Tanner Ireland is one player that comes to mind when discussing kids that have those other attributes that college coaches can't measure but understand the importance.  Ireland has been a coach's dream in high school and a tremendous leader on top of that.  He had an all state senior season and was one of the top two way players in New Mexico last season.  He was hearing from several different smaller schools and tells us that two of those schools have extended an offer.  "I have been offered by Iowa Waldorf and Midland Lutheran."

When we talked with Ireland we asked if he had been contacted by any of the instate schools according to Ireland, "I have been invited to the walk on tryout for UNM, which I will attend and tryout."

If Waldorf or Midland is able to land Ireland they will be getting a steal because he is a great football player but more importantly because of the other things he brings to the table.  If UNM is able to get him to walk on that would be a huge get for the Lobos.

Stay tuned for more with Ireland.



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