Double Duty for Daniels

Athlete Ronnie Daniels of La Cueva High School in Albuquerque was one of the top athletes that competed this weekend at the combine in Phoenix, Arizona.

La Cueva High School athlete Ronnie Daniels, a member of the class of 2011, competed this weekend at the combine in Phoenix, Arizona.  Reporting at 8:00 AM, Daniels spent the next six hours running drills, working out and participating in 7 on 7 to raise his recruiting profile. A bite to eat, a couple hours rest and Daniels would drive a few miles to meet his club team a Cortes High School in Glendale, Arizona to participate in a basketball tournament.  Oh to be young.

Right at 6-2 and weighing close to 200 pounds, Daniels, a junior to be, more than passed the eye test as one of the biggest running backs working out in Phoenix.  With broad shoulders and a long frame, Daniels could be a college player who easily carries 220 or 225 pounds.  In agility drills Daniels ran well and although his forty time was not blistering, it was very solid considering it was somewhat of a slow field at Glendale Community College where the combine was held. 

Daniels, who holds offers from New Mexico and New Mexico State, is a very intriguing prospect due to his versatile skills set.  Last season, due to an injury on his La Cueva team,Daniels played quarterback.  This year he will play running back and in college I could potentially see him playing receiver, strong safety or even outside backer.

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