2010 Prospect Rankings

Early season view of the top senior prospects in New Mexico

2010 Mid-Season Prospect Rankings


1. Zach Daugherty 6-0, 200 LB (Onate HS)- This young man has a non stop motor and flies to the football. He has a nasty streak and is a very instinctual player. Zach has very good lateral speed and is an explosive hitter. While his hips are a little tighter than desired, he can and does cover pretty well and plays much faster than his 40 time. Overall, Zach projects as a good college prospect and in my estimation will start someday for the New Mexico Lobos.


2. Meiko Locksley 6-1, 175 ATH (La Cueva HS)- Locksley is your ideal spread option QB. He has good speed, great feet, and a very strong arm. Like many strong armed QB's, he tends to zip everything and needs to work on more touch, however has every tool to play QB at the next level; not only in a spread offense but also in a pro style offense. Is also athletic enough to play FS at the next level. Definite D-I player.


3. Jake Espinoza 5-10, 175 WR (Aztec HS)- If speed kills than, Espinoza is an assasin. This young man is a big play waiting to happen and projects best as a slot receiver. Is more than likely the states fastest player and without a doubt one of the states most productive. Would like to see him get better at breaking in and out of his routes. Is the headliner of the next tier of athletes who are borderline D-I players in 2010.


4. Tyler Baker 6-0, 190 QB ( Rio Rancho HS)- Baker has really blossomed into a very intriguing prospect. He is throwing for a lot of yards this season and has had made huge strides between the ears. Baker has a nice release, good footwork, a solid arm and is very accuarate. He truly does look like a potential D-I QB right now. To add to it all he has very good athletic ability and is a threat running as well.


5. Ivan Luna 6-4, 230 TE (Bernalillo HS)- Luna has every tangible you could ever want in a TE. He has the body frame to weigh 250 and runs a legit 4.7 40 yard dash. As a player, he is incredibly raw and has many things to work on, but if he can get better at those things……he is a D-I talent.


6. Jayson Serda 5-11, 180 SS (Manzano HS)- If you were to look up the word ball-hawk in the dictionary, Serda's face would be right next to it. This young man finds a way to always be around the ball and is very solid in run support. The only thing keeping him from being considered the state's best prospect is his long speed and overall burst. Probably a 4.7 type guy, which isnt ideal for the D-I level. However, I think if some team takes a chance on him they will happily surprised with a very good starting safety down the road.


7. Gary Maestas 5-11, 180 SS (Eldorado HS)- Is a premeire RB in the state but doesn't have the type of speed desired in a RB at the D-I level. His game is also more suited for a pro-style offense, which few college teams run now a days. Maestas is a 4.7 type guy but has incredible explosiveness and is very athletic. If he gets a shot at D-I ball it will likely be at SS.


8. Taylor Weary 6-3, 195 WR (Alamogordo HS)- Has great hands, great size and can go up and snatch the ball. Weary is another borderline D-I guy because he lacks long speed and initial burst. Should he play D-I, it could potentially be as a receiveing TE. However, Weary is at the very least a good D-II WR prospect.


9. Xavier Madrid 5-8, 160 RB (St. Pius HS)- This young man is an ideal spread offense RB. He sees the field very well, has great cutback ability and is just plain nasty in space. If he was a better blocker, I would project him much higher and as a definite D-I guy. Madrid is very strong for any high school RB, much less one with his size. Has good but not elite speed; probably a 4.55 type guy. At the very least is a very good D-II prospect and can also project at CB.


10. Seth McVey 6-1, 215 LB (Sandia HS)- Has a great frame and almost has a college ready body. Plays down hill and lays the wood with the best of them. Still need to see him play better laterally and with more fluidity in coverage, but he has the tools to be a really solid college player. He is borderline D-I but is a good D-II prospect.



Please keep in mind that these are prospect rankings and NOT player rankings. These are currently the states best 2010 prospects, not necessarily the best players.


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